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November 23, 2008 at 7:05 am

My name is Heather Busher and this is my personal collection of bliss.  Here I blog about things that lift me up: from conscious news, media, books, websites, vidoes, events and more.  By choosing entertainment that uplifts my vibration, I believe I am doing my part to raise the vibration of the planet… every little bit helps, right?!!  I share it here for anyone who wants easy access to high vibrational entertainment and FREE STUFF!!  Feel free to browse via the categories on the right or wander around chronologically.  I love hearing about all things bliss, so feel free to make suggestions in the comments and I’ll give you credit and link back to your blog.  I love connecting with people on their path, so share your bliss for all the “whriled-wild-webbers” to hear, even if it’s just me that writes back.

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BLISSfix recommends “Holiday” by Madona Miracle of Miracles – Mar. 5th, 2007



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