day 2 – Destination Dallas, TX (Apr 14, 2008)

November 24, 2008 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

This morning I’m in a lovely coffee shop close to Beale St. and the recording studio where Elvis and Johnny Cash recorded their first albums. This morning has been absolutely delightful and very productive.

I’m reading “The Four-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Farris and I highly recommend it to any professional, whether you’re a “mantra”preneur (ref. or a corporate suit. Even if you like 60 hr work weeks, this book will help you work smarter instead of harder!

From reading this book I’m seeing that this trip away from home and the office may actually teach me efficiency. I’m limiting myself to two hours of work per day and setting 2 big important goals to achieve in that time period. Everything else will fall away. With this method of handling the most important things quickly and efficiently, will cause me to achieve more in one week than I normally would in a month! Hooray for living happily on the road, working a fraction of the time I used to work, and being more productive, lucrative and effective! What could be better?!!


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day 1 – Destination Memphis, TN (Apr 13, 2008) day 2 – Musings (Apr 14, 2008)

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