day 3 – Destination Albuquerque (Apr 15th, 2008)

November 24, 2008 at 8:43 pm Leave a comment

day_3Well… that was the destination, but Roswell was as far as I got after a bit of car trouble.  don’t worry folks… we think it’s just old gas which sometimes collects condensation which gets pumped into your fuel tank and creates and interesting hick-up-like affect while driving.

Today was really nice, in a serendipitously allowing way.  That’s a nice way of saying everything went not according to plan, but I didn’t mind.  First, GPS took me an unexpected way, which probably took longer, but was a delightful adjustment from typical highway driving.  It winded me through many tiny towns with authentic western appeal.  I had 3 things I was looking forward to today… 1pm coaching call (got the date wrong… it’s next monday), a 3pm radio show (got the time wrong, the email doesn’t specify but it was adjusting for a EST time zone so it happened at 1pm and I missed it), and 5:15 coaching connection with friends (which I completely forgot about with the afternoon’s drama).  Also, after missing the sign to turn right onto 380 West, I drove about 25 miles SE before noticing and turning around… oops… I just assumed there was some greater purpose behind it.  .And you know what?  I’m okay… I watched the sun set over a giant margarita and chips and queso, enjoyed perfect weather, I’m well fed, tucked into a cozy bed, experiencing independence and (surprising to me) approval from my family.  On top of that, I had a great conversation with my sweet hubby,and I feel closer to him than ever, even though we’re miles apart.  The drive was enjoyable (minus the moments my heart sank as the engine pretended to stall 15-20 times)… and all is well.  I even received free internet, two free waters, two free cookies (***with milk!***), and a free hot breakfast waiting on me in the morning.  Is there anything better?ufo_museumFor your viewing enjoyment, read the 2nd speed dial button!


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day 2 – Musings (Apr 14, 2008) day 3 – observations (Apr 15th, 2008)

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