day 3 – observations (Apr 15th, 2008)

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A Real Cowboy!!! spurs and everything.  As I pulled into the first gas station on 380 this morning, a 100% authentic cowboy decked in hat, Wranglers, boots, and spurs, chinked across my path into the store.  I’d seen people wearing these items before, but only for costume, not for utilitarian purpose!  I was fully excited by the idea!  (in a ‘kid at christmas’ way… get your head out the gutter!)

That being said, at least 8 other Ford F150s (and the like) pulled up in the few minutes I was there, all filled with strapping young bucks headed into work on a local ranch… I definitely thought to myself, “i need to tell my single girlfriends about this place!”  Forget going to a bar to meet a man… fly to Dallas on a Thurs. night, the next morning around 8am, drive just to the outskirts of town on 380 and hang around a gas station looking helpless, wait for a rescuer to approach and the subsequent “what are you doing this weekend?” opportunity to present itself!  Isn’t there a line somewhere… “they mak’em right in Texas?”  well, I agree… ladies… go collect your men.
*note to Sean, my sweet husband: “sweetie… I promise I was just window shopping for my single girlfriends and truth be known, I’m trying to deflect them to Texas so they won’t be distracted by your animal magnetism and radiant good looks!  I know where where the real prize is!  811 W. 4th St. Charlotte, NC, of course!  LADIES, STAY AWAY!>…. go to TEXAS! 🙂

– First cactus spotting for the trip near Graham, TX

– Those of you who know our friend Jen Munday Guthrie will find this interesting… click below:
google map of 3 towns I drove past today in sequential order
One letter off from being her full name!  how funny!

– The tumbling, tumble weed!  which tumbled into my left front wheel, under the car, and thank God, continued tumbling into the next field.

So you know how some towns smell like fresia that grows on the hill side, or honey suckle that drapes across fenses and overpasses?  Well, when I rolled into Post, Tx, I could have sworn my sweet hubby was there… because it smelled just like one of his farts!  not just any fart… but specifically my husbands farts.  🙂  I thought, “Man, if we lived here, he’d be free to fart all the time, because I wouldn’t be able to recognize the difference between him and the city itself and eventually get used to the persistent foul stench.”  I suggested it, but I doubt the appeal will last.

A LLAMA!!!  I saw a llama sitting on a hill just 10 ft from the road’s edge.

Cows, cows and more cows… a bull or two and then more cows.

Horse-ies!  I love horse-ies!  they have really large heads, which made me remember the scene in Godfather… and then I thought of how if they really had done that, how hard it would be to chop off the head of a horse!  think about it… gross!

A lizard… a tiny lizard ran across the road in front of my car.  And no, I don’t know why he or the chicken crossed the road.

Buzzards!!! lots of buzzards eating no longer recognizable road kill… hense I have no dead sightings listed.


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day 3 – Destination Albuquerque (Apr 15th, 2008) day 3 – Lessons (Apr 15, 2008)

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