day 4 – I Have Arrived!!! (Apr. 16, 2008)

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happiness is apprently Jumbo Corn Dogs for $.39

Apparently happiness is Jumbo Corn Dogs for $.39

LOVE FEAR!  Actually, the only reason the word “love” is in the title is because I’m replacing all four-letter-word expletives with the four-letter-word “love.”  So for instance… if your angry at the guy who just cut you off in traffic, you can flip him a heart symbol with both hands and yell “LOVE you Buddy!”  Or if you’re upset with your self over something silly you did, you can say “Love me.”  Or if you’re disappointed that something didn’t work out as planned, you can say “Love it!”  I think you get the idea.  When I first started this exercise two things surprised me… 1) that i used expletives as often as I did… my husband was surprised too… neither of us or our friends think of me as a potty mouth, but when I started paying attention it was shocking.  2) was how well the word “love” worked in the sentence and situation when trying to release having life be any other way than it is.

So anyway… you can imagine what alliterative word the former “me” would have placed before the word Fear, but the reason I say that is BECAUSE I’M HERE!!! I MADE IT TO CALI!  I drove safely all the way across the country by myself!  I experienced kindness and generosity the entire trip.  I felt safe and secure the whole time… minus the heart dropping part with the car trouble… but all of that worked itself out without any effort.  So I say LOVE FEAR!  I was afraid of doing this on my own and there was nothing to be afraid of!  So what are you afraid of?  Give that ‘fear’ a hug and love it forward into the giant leap you’ve been wanting to take!  As stated in The Four-Hour Work Week, “fate favors the bold!”

Be bold, come out of hiding, and LOVE your fear!
see you all soon!


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