EnJoy the state of Being In Joy – Jul 17th, 2007

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In joy

It seems to me that every point of my life has been blessed by the words of someone older and wiser saying “Enjoy it!”

“Enjoy your youth, it’s gone before you know it!”

“Enjoy just being married, no need to rush into having children.”

“Enjoy when your kids are young, they’ll be grown soon!”

Do they say it because they forgot, too? It certainly seems like advice dispensed from a place of mild jealousy… but it occurs to me that the young married couple envious of the kid going off to college for their first taste of freedom, is at the very same time, the envy of mother of four, who is the envy of the couple with the empty nest, who is the envy of the couple who never had kids or grandkids, who is the envy of, who is the envy of, who is the envy of. They all want to tell each other to embrace the moment, and do any of them listen? And for that matter, will any of them take their own advice. Shouldn’t they embrace their own moments without longingly peering over someone else’s?

Tonight I drove with the top down, listening to great music on Coffeehouse Satellite Radio, my little fur-ball, RiRa, climbing back and forth across my lap to see out. I felt so blessed the entire drive… drinking in the night air and well manicured surroundings; enjoying the endless amusement of my young pooch; savoring the “freedom” of my “youth.”

At that moment I pulled up to a stop light next to a woman, about 5 years my elder, driving a much more practical car with a child’s seat in the back. She looked happy, too, but it occurred to me that I must look so free in my fun, zippy car, with my pooch and blissful music. I wondered how her life is in comparison and how mine will change once I make that shift to motherhood. It was then that the words from so many rang through in my head… “Enjoy this time before having kids” and I realized that although I was truly grateful for this night and my current experience, that I could be even more conscious about my exuberant blessings. And then when I have kids I will continue to be grateful; grateful for their cuteness, their health and their potential. And as they grow, I’ll be grateful for the lessened responsibility, their achievements, and their individuality. And once their out of the house, I’ll be grateful for the extra time, and once they’re in the real world, I’ll be grateful for the financial boost. Every part of life is delicious in its own way and it’s up to me, to heed the advice of others and myself and to consciously soak up the moments that I will one day be nostalgic about.

I shall enjoy being in joy from this day forward.


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