The Grace of God or The Grace of Flow – Jan 17th, 2008

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Lately i’ve been practicing flow with total abandon. I’ve ignored emails, mail, calendars, invitations to parties and trips. I simply allowed the present moment to be what it is and allowed the rest to work itself out. It has been 1.5 months of flow and I returned from hibernation this week, fearful of the mess that must be there.

I discovered that there were many things i had “missed” that others might be upset with me for. I discovered that my bank card # had been compromised in my absence. I discovered that I had missed emails from tense brides wanting information. i discovered that I had accidentally sent an album for a bride to the wrong designer… costing us from $200-$300. And on a side note, I discovered that when i emerge from my house, I look like a person who used to care about fashion… as my outfit is usually fairly well put together, but reminiscent of styles from several seasons ago, as I haven’t been shopping since the summer.

I also discovered that I missed a coaching meeting this morning and embarrassed i quickly wrote to my client that “today’s theme has been my goofs” and told her that I am hoping that my oversight is in perfect alignment with the universe.

At that moment I went to check my phone to see if she had even called. It appears that we both forgot about the appointment! I was in alignement.

And the bank card #… it’s already been handled, I didn’t have to do anything. And the tense bride… already handled by Angi, i didn’t have to do anything. And the wrong designer situation… probably not a big deal… they already expressed loving the designers style to the designer and they’ll probably take the option I’d like them to take… the path of least resistance.

It seems that if I’d never read the mail to discover the bride was tense, or the bank card was stolen, or checked the files and noticed the album was different, or remembered the meeting from this morning that things would have worked out the same or better. In fact, if I’d never noticed that the album was wrong, the client might not have never noticed either and the company would have been spared the $200 expense. Of course once I knew it, I had no choice but to reveal it, as it is my practice to be completely honest.

It seems that today’s theme is actually the GRACE of FLOW.

I expected that everything would fall apart if I stopped trying to control and stay on top of it all… so when I returned looking for that, that is what I found. I found disappointed people, mistakes made, problems to solve… However, the “falling apart” was a facade for a well oiled machine called FLOW. there was no reason for my attention on it after all. People weren’t really that disappointed, especailly after redefining my roles with them. And everything else had solved itself.

There is one box, chocked full of things I need to place my attention on… i find myself wondering if I’ll be better off if I just allow it to be and wait for the moment that digging through it feels like fun. Until that moment, my lesson learned is that I’ll probably make things harder than they are if I try to dig in now and “do” “do” “do” and if I just allow them to handle themselves, ease and abundance flow through my life. I choose Ease and Abundance please! and thanks! 🙂


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