The Secret Sermon… why receiving is good; it allows us to give – Jul 30th, 2007

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We’re in Morro Bay right now, just north of San Luis Obispo. Which is about 2 hrs north of Santa Barbara which is an hour north of LA. All places we stopped.

It’s been an amazing trip, and Sean has been so loving. The guy that I once broke up with because he wasn’t religious at all, is now on a new path of spirituality… he’s learning about Reiki and Chakras right now… and we went to a church in LA on Wed. and Sun. It’s the church that Michael Beckwith leads, the guy with dreadlocks in the movie The Secret. it was awesome… the music was amazing and his message both days was so applicable and inspiring. Lisa Nichols, also in the secret, was there on sunday which makes 8 people i’ve seen live that were in the movie.

in case some of you don’t know what The Secret is,, it was showcased on Oprah twice, and on Larry King Live 3+ times. I saw it for the first time at a seminar with my aunt in Sedona, AZ last november, and my life has been completely different ever sense. A lot of people are obsessed with it (sean and I probably fall on the edge of this category) and some people have had strong resistance to it, saying that it’s too focused on money. To those people I say, I can see where you’re coming from, but consider that it has 5 chapters, only one of them being on money… Health, Relationships, Spirituality, Personal Growth and Money. It’s my personal belief that if it leans toward material goods and money in the movie, it’s because that’s how they expected to get the average american’s attention. If you are looking for a reason to make life hard, then focus on what you don’t like, and if you are looking for a way to be more receptive from God, in ALL the areas of life, INCLUDING receiving money (i call it Green Energy) then check it out with an open mind.

So many of us were told that money is bad, money is the root of all evil, … it actually says, the LOVE of MONEY is the root of all evil… instead of the LOVE of the SOURCE… ie. God. Money is good as long as it isn’t an end of itself… it provides us clothing and food and gas to get us where we want to be, it provides us with an education, and a means to become who we want to be in the world… and truly money doesn’t provide us that… God/the Universe does, money is just what we use as a representation of the services we or our loved ones have served, and therefor we receive in direct proportion of what we give via other forms of energy. When you look at money for what it really is, and realize that it can serve your greatest good, if you choose for it to, it truly isn’t evil at all.

Think of all the ways that we judge things and crave them at the same time… Some of us love designer clothing… some of us love expensive cars… is it bad to appreciate creations of talented human beings? I don’t think it is. Think about how you feel in your favorite outfit… on fire? like you’re on top of the world… like you can do anything, charm anyone, you’re in a great mood because you feel good! Couldn’t that “feeling good” be directly from God? Couldn’t the money spent on that outfit be the green energy thank you for the work energy you put into your job. Couldn’t the design of that outfit have been divinely inspired in the mind of a designer who then created it? Could it be that God would like you at your best… feeling good all the time because that’s when you are the most giving, loving, and joyful… spreading more good to others. Could it be? I think the answer is YES. I think that feeling good … and filling yourself up, so that it is so easy for you to positively affect everyone you encounter, to fully receive all the joys of life, understanding that the source is always from the divine, that you are then the most capable of passing that amazing energy to others, and what greater gift, than to be joyful and uplifting to the stranger at the grocery store, to our co-workers, to our families.

When was the last time your family experienced you in a joyful mood? I can tell you that before the changes I have made in my life that was rare to never. Every time i talked to my mom, it was because I had something to complain about. Now when we talk its because I have something to be grateful for, and our relationship has completely revolutionized itself. She’s going through chemo right now, and i’ve never heard her more optimistic… but she’s seen the Secret, and she’s reading books that remind her that she has a choice… She can choose to be grateful, and choose to receive goodness from any source and be thankful to God, or she can choose to focus on what’s not working. Some days she chooses the latter, as we all do, but most days she is living in the beautiful abundance that is our life… she’s focusing on all the good, her house, her husband, her family, her community, her abundance, her beach condo, her nice car, her trips with friends, her pet, and the list goes on… which she believes is directly from God.

What can you be grateful for? What shifts in your mood and daily experience could you create for your own benefit and the benefit of all people around you?

I pray that this message finds you at the exact right time and that you are able to experience complete joy because of the path it’s calling you to. Please know these words came from beyond me… if they connect, you can consider it a message directly from your higher power… be that God, The Universe, or Your Gut… if you’re still reading, it’s talking to you now! I’m simply the messenger.


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