To Drink or not to Drink, that is the question – Sep 5th, 2007

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A curiosity that has been coursing my brain lately is… “why is alcohol so important in our society?” This summer has been very different for me socially. Going out has lost its luster, single friends have become more difficult to entertain… the things that used to satisfy my leisure time don’t even come close anymore. In the last three months I’ve gone from 1-2 drinks a day, to maybe 1-2 drinks a week. I’ve considered and continue to consider going dry all together. (I don’t like rigidity, so that’s the only thing keeping me from saying the declaration at this point) A lot of what I’m studying now credits chemicals we put in our bodies (caffeine, alcohol, excess sugars, prescription and non prescription drugs, etc.) with preventing us from experiencing real happiness and peace. And when look at it… it’s true. I drink when i need to achieve a mood shift that I assume my brain, my spirit, and my heart can’t handle on their own. And everytime I use that alcohol crutch to ease stress, or “cut off the work day,” i cripple my natural ability to maintain a state of well being without the aide of anything. Meditation, journaling, talking to my coach, etc. has become a much more positive way of moving forward and shifting my life to one that I enjoy more authentically.

One thing I have noticed though, is that it has been difficult to find social outlets that support my new outlook. I found solace at a coffee shop, (drinking caffeine free of course) but somewhere around dark the mood shifted to a bunch of chain smoking AA groups. Since I’m very protective of my lungs, that’s not an option. But I’m still searching. I’m holding out on faith that within the next few weeks I will attract a group of people who are seeking similar forms of entertainment in a state of productive awareness instead of denial & detachment.

Pretty much every activity I do these days has to move me forward on my chosen path of happiness or I become irritated. And with that, alcohol is starting to bug me as it doesn’t achieve for me the state of relaxation it used to deliver… now I feel like it simply “dumbs me down” and slows my progress.

Like I said, I prefer to avoid rigidity and embrace conscious choice… so no declarations just yet, but I am asking myself with each opportunity to drink… does this beverage serve me right now? Or can I learn something about my inner strength, my inner light, and my true self by having a water instead? I hope the answer continues to lead me to water.


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