Youth is a Choice – Apr 9th, 2008

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I just turned 29 a few weeks ago and a lot of my friends are turning 50 this year… people you wouldn’t have expected to be 50 by looking at them. Near my birthday one conversation came up 3 times (which is always a hint to me to pay attention). Three different people within 36 hours told me about deciding on their 29th birthday that they weren’t going to look a day over 29 the rest of their lives. One person even shared that he had chosen to do this after reading an article on his 29th birthday about a woman in her 50s who had made the same decision 20-some years earlier when she had met a woman who had done the same thing 20 some years before that. All of them had been very pleased with the results, reporting regular comments on their youthful appearance and a sense of satisfaction in the reflection in the mirror. They also reported feeling youthful with health and mobility.

So I considered this. I thought of Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” and how our emotions manifest in our physical form. I thought of the teachings of the Law of Attraction, that what you think about, and feel about, you bring about. I thought of just common sense… If I’m telling myself every day that “I’m beautiful, healthy and viabrant,” I’ll be more likely to make choices in alignment with that statement… eating an apple instead of chips, or continuing to exercise and stay active, and placing myself around people who are also youthful and active. I thought of how many people submit to the idea of “getting old.” How many people use age as an excuse to notice changes in their appearance or how they feel. By simply writing it off as a side affect of aging, they release any and all power to do anything about it. We know through the law of attraction that we are always in a space to consciously manifest what we desire, or to unconsciously manifest what our run-away brains are producing.

One thing I noticed in myself is that by applying the ideas I’ve been learning in Science of Mind, and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and in all the things that have come to me in the last few years, is that this new way of living is very light… another word could be buoyant. Living from a non-judgmental, allowing, giving, joyous heart space is much lighter (buoyant) and lighter (radiant) than how I was living before. This new lightness that I am carrying in my life must be reflected through form by law, and I’m willing to be aware that this lightness is easy on the body, and that it’s the path of resistance that makes the body tense, tired, weak, wrinkly, and worn. What if the body doesn’t age unless our thoughts age it? our resistance to what is ages it?

I see now that this is not a practice of resisting the “falling away of form” as will happen with all things, but it’s an allowing of the light to come through me. I like Rev. Michael Beckwith’s description of God as Love-Beauty, and so as Eckhart Tolle describes that source energy is the dancer and we are the dance… I now invite Love-Beauty to take over my life, radiate through me, take me for a magnificent ride, and I shall be your puppet, as you pull the strings and together we will spread Love and Beauty throughout the world, if only for my own enjoyment.

My new affirmations are:

“I am Beautiful (full of Beauty) every day in every way” – Love-Beauty radiates through me from within and beyond in such a way that I attract and reflect all beauty in all things, the natural state of being which is easy.

“I am Youthful (full of Youth) in excellent health and polished form.” – My openness to life keeps me youthful in Spirit and in Form. I experience health, beauty and the lightness of an open, accepting, exuberant heart.”


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