Day 10 – Failure or Prevail-ure? (Apr. 22, 2008)

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Did I fail at the given task or did I prevail glowingly against odd odds? The last 10 days have been not at all what I expected with many detours leaving me asking this curious question. With a wind of my butt and a scratch of my watch, I shall attempt to assess the falling pieces.

I thought I’d be driving out with a girlfriend on the adventure of our lives making statements like “Let’s hang our BALLS out there!” Instead it was just me… it was definitely an adventure of my life, but less memorable without a person to hold the memory with. I did maintain the girl power attitude for most of the drive, but some of that decreased with an awareness of how disappointed my mom was when she realized my solo flight. Why that took away, I can’t explain, but I definitely felt her judgement and found it disempowering. It would be nice to say that I said “love” her, completely unaffected, progressing onward in my female power… but that would be a fib. The trip was empowering and on a private level, very exciting as I hadn’t previously realized I was capable of such things. As I walk around the airport and see all these women traveling alone, traveling with friends, traveling with family, traveling with spouses… at what age is it reasonable to expect a woman to travel alone without people remarking about it? Apparently 29 isn’t old enough, yet. My friend Kristin has traveled by herself for work since she was 22… driving as much as 5 hours at a time, flying to Europe and back… no one says anything to her. Perhaps it is that I am not getting paid to do this, or that I am doing it by choice that raises eyebrows and fears. I have to believe this (in my judgment) irrational reaction to a woman almost thirty traveling on her own is sponsored by too much reliance on sensationalist news for an assessment of reality and too little reliance on the innate goodness in people. I know so many people who don’t trust “strangers” ignorant to the fact that they are by their own definition untrustworthy to 99.9% of the world and the people they encounter. If you asked them to clarify if people they know are to be trusted, you might find that the number of “kind, trust-worthy” people that exist in their universe borders on a fraction of a fraction of a infinitesimally small sector of individuals within a certain group, age and race. No thank you. I’m not saying that the people who reacted to my travels with alarm are bigots, but I am saying that if they looked at their beliefs more closely, they may be shocked themselves at the lack of basic trust and awareness of the good and evil that exists in all of us… and which side of each person you provoke has much more to do with y.

I thought we’d be recording interesting insights throughout the trip for the video blog.

I thought we’d be splitting gas, sharing cheap motel rooms, and getting there as fast as possible.

I thought once we got there, we’d freeload on family and friends for a maximum of two days, before getting a hotel close to Revelation.

I just knew Revelation was going to be uplifting, connecting, amazing and exactly what the doctor ordered.

I expected to see my friend Callie briefly and to possible help my friend Jeff with his workshop.

I expected to meet and be introduced to people that could connect me within the infrastructure of Agape where i could be most useful and learn the most to benefit the Center for Positive Living in Charlotte.

To be continued…


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