day 20 – A Las Vegas Education (May 4th, 2008)

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Bomp-ch-chi-bomp-ba-da-bomp… well actually, trippy Beatles music would be more appropriate for the above video footage, as I was entering Cirque de Soliel’s LOVE… the Beatles acrobatic musical. It was absolutely amazing. As I told the man next to me, I could come every night and never get board.

Just before the show started, there was a scene to our left of cameras and entourage, and as the news filtered through the crowd, I learned that the final four American Idols had joined us for the show. 1) I didn’t even know American Idol was in another season… (the downside of not watching tv is that I’m sometimes out of touch with the rest of society) and 2) therfore I didn’t recognize any of them… and 3) what was most disconcerting to me was how young they looked. When 20-year-olds look young, does that mean by the law of relativity that I look old to them?

I had a similar conversation earlier today with a woman who had represented Blondie from 1975 to 1980 and she grimaced to realize that was over 30 years ago. Although I understood her concern about how fast the time flies, I offered as consolation that at least since we can feel that our souls don’t age, that awareness lends evidence to the idea that we are immortal, everlasting beings. Even when I was five-years-old, I saw myself as equal to the adults in my life and as I grew, I was constantly aware of my inner agelessness and inherent value as being on this planet. As I’ve become an adult, it’s become more accepted that my voice is worthy of listening to, so I forget that I once new it on a deeper level even though the rest of the world discounted it because I was 18 or younger… but in the awareness of time passing and my inner being remaining calmly the same, I know that this body may come and go, but the real essence of me will remain unchanged, peaceful, and happy. Deep thoughts for a glitzy city like Las Vegas.

With a Las Vegas education, a person can go far! 🙂 That could be taken a lot of ways, but in this case, I actually mean it. This is my second trip to Las Vegas for an educational workshop. The first time represented a major shift in my life for the better and I expect that this trip will mark my life in the same manner.

As you know I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer my services at the James Malenchek Speaker’s Bootcamp and today James was on fire! One great idea after another filtered through my ears and into my subconscious, awaiting the perfect moment to re-emerge. I highly recommend anyone thinking of a career in speaking, writing or coaching attend one of these workshops!

What I’ve been most in awe of was the flawless way in which this experience fell into my lap. I didn’t plan this, it just happened. But what I did plan was to head west and be open to “flow”. I intended to work on a book and develop my message. Most of the talks have centered around how to develop books, messages and products. I couldn’t have had a better crash coarse at the start of this two month experience if I had tried!

Jonathan Sprinkles ( said it best when he said “Sometimes you pick your message and sometimes your message picks you.” That’s the way it was with this trip. This trip and it’s greater purpose picked me, and I’m still figuring it out. I heard the call to California for a year now, if not longer, but I put it off until the Universe tricked me into coming alone (explained in Day 10). I immediately began trying to give the trip some purpose, mostly because I wanted an answer for all the people who were asking “Why are you doing this?” I had a few stabs… but nothing really. The truth was I was just along for the ride! Everything else was just an attempt to satisfy other’s curiosity.

The trip has taken many turns, but themes are finally emerging. I must admit, this is a much more exciting way of experiencing the adventure… one minute at a time! 🙂


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