day 21 – Leaving Las Vegas (May 5, 2008)

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The most interesting road name i’ve ever seen!

The most interesting road name i’ve ever seen!

Well… I didn’t stop in Barstow for the night and I didn’t find a crossroad trucker to demonstrate his might… but I did meet a curious fellow (who shall remain nameless) who wanted to demonstrate his ability to shock and awe. He was sitting next to me in church, no doubt and after service he began proclaiming his abilities in the bedroom, his tendency toward being a “horn dog”, (his words, not mine), and the fact he could never be with one woman for any length of time. After five minutes of him turning the topic back to sex, and with my mouth having dropped wide open more than once, I was finally uncomfortable enough to state the obvious, “I’m married!” hello! ring on the left hand, buddy! I felt a little uncomfortable saying anything in the off chance that I was dreaming that he was soliciting me for casual sex at church. However his response reassured my assumption. “Well, you should really consider whether or not you want your relationship to be ‘open’,” he said, calm as ever. To which I told the following story.
When my husband and I were engaged, Sean’s favorite question to ask people was “What’s your advice to a soon-to-be married couple?” Three different people stated… “Never have a threesome.” One of those people was his grandfather! Afterwards we wondered if we looked like the Eyes Wide Shut type, or if people just unanimously found that to be a common deal breaker. Either way… open marriage falls into that category and I intend to heed that advice, I told him.
Half an hour later I shared the story with my new landlord, who even though she was as shocked as I was, she stated, “Welcome to California!”
New additional theme to the trip… I love my amazing, wonderful husband and everyone I meet will know it just by looking at my face and every word I speak… his presence will be with me!


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