day 24 – Agape Glow (May 7, 2008)

November 25, 2008 at 3:41 am Leave a comment

This may be more info than you wanted to know about me, but tonight’s service at agape was nothing short of orgasmic. To explain, early in my intimacy with my husband, I began having an experience of vibration all over my body, hands, face, skin, mouth… everything felt as if all the cells in my body were singing with vibration. Yes, folks, he’s that good. And apparently so are the words of Rev. Michael Beckwith. As the service began I found that my breathing deepened and the exhales were accompanied by some low volume vocal release. … like a sigh. As the sermon flowed and my breathing continued to deepen, little bits of laughter were welling up within my soul. Eventually the vibration was taking over my skin on my face, causing my lips to tense and draw up in a circular pattern. I know it sounds weird… it felt weird, but I was willing to roll with it and I’m glad I did. It truly was an amazing experience and as I was having these feelings, I was reminded that this same reaction happened upon my first visit to Agape a year ago, however then I was making a greater attempt to stifle the experience. Not tonight… tonight I was aware that I was in the company of people who appreciated authentic possession of the spirit and I let spirit have it’s way with me. It was truly miraculous and I’m so grateful for the endless synchronicities of this universe. Not only was it a visceral experience, but the topic was exactly on point for what I was searching for… and apparently also on point for the guy sitting next to me.

The moral… wait for inspiration. Surrender and allow God’s perfect way to be made known in my life. I am currently living only a fraction of my potential and a tsunami of my gifts are about to wash over me, through my life and into the world and I must prepare myself for the spiritual discipline it will take to handle such joy, success, abundance and happiness. God’s will be done.


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