day 38 – Mother Earth Hug (May 21, 2008)

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day38Mother Earth has healing qualities! Think about it… we plant a seed and out pops a plant. Mother Earth is freaking magical!

I once heard a story about a man who was diagnosed with an illness that gave him less than a month to live. Each day he laid on his lawn for an hour and simply allowed the earth to heal him. He was still alive ten years later when the story was retold to me.

Beyond any mysticism about it, Mother Earth provides everything we know and love… our food, our water, our clothing, our shelter, our toys, our everything! And yet how often do we thank her? How often do we show our appreciation? Knowing that one day we will return our physical form to her… why don’t we go ahead and make friends.

With a hug of the you are saying, “I love you! Thank you for all you have given me. Allow me take this moment to simply rellish in your magnificence. I promise to think about you more often and make conscious decisions that honor you, as you are the only earth i have!” And with this, the earth will return the gratitude and say “Dear one, thank you for being. I’m so grateful to witness your creations and support your life and heal your body and grow your food and supply your water. it brings me joy to see all that you create with all that I give you!”

And as you feel her love radiating through you… feel the relaxation, flip over on your back and allow her to ‘spoon’ you! you can tell real lovers by the quality of their spooning! so go head and spoon the earth and completely release anything that is blocking you from your good. Imagine all thoughts of negativity and dis-ease rolling off of you and down deep into the restorative earth she will heal them and utilize them in other ways. now feel the magic of all the growth happening beneath you… the way the grass supports you lightly, the way that gravity comfortably clings you to her, simply allow your thoughts to drift to the most beautiful memories you have of the earth… sunsets, forests, rivers, streams, ocean, mountains, pebbles and stones, impressive giant rock formations, sandy beaches, meadows and fields, bring to mind every magnificent image of nature… ants going about their business with such steadfastness, birds migrating, butterflies fluttering, bees pollenating, flowers blooming, storms brewing, deer grazing, cows, sheep, turtles, everything… just really bring every beautiful memory to mind and be grateful for this place. Then bring your favorite earth sponsored foods to mind and imagine enjoying them, perhaps a mango, or kiwi, or potato, or banana… bread… bring all your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains to mind… and honor their origin… now acknowledge that the closer the food is to the earth, the more healing earth energy it contains… so a tomato is better for you than ketchup… and a strawberry is better than its jam… but acknowledge that all of it is a gift from our dear Mother. And as you feel this gratitude and this awareness, feel how she gives it to you in love… and simply rise as your stomach will probably start to grumble and go enjoy one of her gifts to you!

I could actually never take this picture in Charlotte, because we don’t have a private yard like i have here and I have this thing about not wanting to lay in a place where a dog may have just pooped. 🙂 My neighbors pick up after their pets, but you know there’s still some on the grass! so i don’t recommend this if you don’t have a pet free zone… however, simply make sure to place a blanket down and trust that mother earth can reach through the protective layer and beyond your skin and through you healing all that she touches. And be sure to wash the blanket!


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