day 49 – Life Visioning (June 1, 2008)

November 25, 2008 at 3:56 am Leave a comment

day49I highly recommend the Life Visioning 6-CD set from Michael Bernard Beckwith.

This was the topic of today’s sermon at Agape. In keeping with the perfect synchronicity of this magnificent universe, this was the perfect topic for me this week.

on top of all of this… i’m seeing that my “miss fix-it” attitude i’ve had all my life and taking pleasure from feeling helpful to people when helping with their problems, is actually feeding the awareness that there are problems… which is a choice… not a fact. It seems now that coaching in any form will only continue to seek out the problems in people’s lives instead of waking them up to their divine perfection just as they are. and that my future as a self help guru is shifting dramatically to only speak of the already alright-ness and the lack of need of any guru… including me. its a very curious shift… but i think a “living by example and responding only when asked” situation will be evolving.

*the comments above are the expressed opinion of Heather Dawn Busher and not intended to question the validity or helpfulness of coaching, therapy or healing of any form.


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