day 5 – Callie Shines! (Apr 17, 2008)

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Richard Nixon Library Los Angeles, Ca

Richard Nixon Library Los Angeles, Ca

(Written days later) Today was a proud moment for me as I watched my dear friend, Callie Taintor Wiser, shine on stage as she answered questions on her most recently produced documentary.  It highlighted the life of George H. W. Bush and was hosted in grand fashion at the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.  Her responses to questions were clear and wise.  I was so pleased to have made it in time to watch her shine.

Unfortunately the rest of the night is a blur for me as my headache increased and my urge to vomit accumulated until a final explosion the next morning.  I woke up in a hot sweat and no food was willing to be held down.  I slept until 4pm on Day 6 and finally emerged a normal human being, still missing blips of the previous 24 hours.

A gracious thank you to Callie and my hosts, who canceled multiple plans to stay and care for me.  As well as a thank you to Dr. Tim who paid two house visits and called 3 times to check on me.  What great hands I am in!!!

And no I didn’t eat any of those gas station corndogs in the previous day’s photo!  🙂


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