day 54 – The Luminaries (June 6, 2008)

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day53_luminariesMy ears are ringing… and its with the sound of change.  It’s always refreshing when I discover that what I believe is spreading and is proliferating into the arts.  My roommate from college met me just blocks from my place in Santa Monica to see a group called The Luminaries.  And they are luminous, as well as voluminous.  Mom was kind enough to join me, but I could almost read her mind of “Geez this is loud.  I can’t understand a word their saying and one of these kids is going to hit me with their flailing body parts.”  Beyond those downsides, she did find hope for the future of our youth in the words she did understand.

Each song they sing is empowering the listener to wake up to their own inner light and be the change they wish to see in the world.   On song says peace in the world, begins inside yourself.  Another echos the messages of the 70s, “we shall overcome.”  Between each song, the reach out to the audience… suggesting that we all take a communal deep breath, another time suggesting that we lock eyes with someone we didn’t come to the show with and honor the divine light within them, we are one… telling us that they are The Luminaries, but we are luminaries, too.

What’s truly beautiful about the experience of watching their show is seeing the truth in their passion for what they are singing about.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and the crowd swelled with positive flow.   I encourage you all to check out their music at the links below… although it isn’t the same as seeing them in person.  Enjoy! In Joy!


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