day 61 – My Scarriest Challenge Yet (June 13, 2008)

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I’ve driven across the country alone, moved to a city where I don’t know anyone,  and today I chickened out when i challenged myself to enter a skateboard shop and simply ask about skateboarding.  How disappointing! and how funny!?

When it comes down to it, nothing is scarier to me than ‘looking stupid.’  And what exactly do I think will make me look stupid by being a cute girl entering a skate shop, twirling her hair and saying innocently “can you teach me to board?”  Honestly, I knew it would be easy as hell to get a free lesson if I looked cute enough, but I think I was even more afraid of the awkwardness of saying “I’m married, but will you give me a free lesson anyway?”

So now I’m just thinking I’ll try again once Sean arrives… and get him to hold my hand through my curiosity.  Not that he knows how to skate board either, but all I need is someone to catch me if I fall… and I’d rather it be him.

oh, and one last fear… I don’t want to break anything.  I had a friend in high school that broke her elbow in 2 places roller blading and that didn’t look like fun at all!

I don’t know why skateboards have all of sudden caught my attention.  I have had guy friends with skateboards since middle school, but I never wanted to try… the thought never even crossed my mind.

One source of inspiration might have been about 3 weeks ago.  I was sitting in my car outside of Agape getting some work done on the mac with a strong wireless internet signal.  There was a girl about my age receiving lessons on boarding from what seemed like a co-worker.  I wondered if she was learning just for fun, or because she needed to for a part in a movie or show, as she obviously worked for GMT studios.  She was doing well and it seemed fairly easy and fun.  From then on, I started noticing how many young professionals use skateboards to get around here… its easier to carry than a bicycle and it gets you places faster than walking.  Makes sense to me.  I decided after that to offer to pay some kids $20 to teach me.  But I never ran into them again.  I let the thoughts fall away.

Then three days ago on my bike ride with Joshua, we passed a girl who was obviously teaching herself how to board.  She was laughing at a mistake she had made and conversion with the older couple she’d almost run into.  I got stopped at a light and she continued on the sidewalk.

As I passed her a few minutes later I yelled in her direction with a smile, “I want to learn how to do that!”

“Yeah? I’ll teach you!  It’s my second time trying!” she quickly and lightly replied.

Man, I wanted to take her up on it, but Joshua was way ahead of me and I was only at the beginning of a scheduled bike ride with him… it felt inappropriate to stop.  So i declined, wished her well and promised myself that one day I’d learn.

I thought my WWBFN theory would have gotten me down the shop already, but it hasn’t so far.


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