day 63 – Turmite Turds (June 15, 2008)

November 25, 2008 at 4:40 am Leave a comment

day63The above photo is of termite fecal pellets… I discovered them on the back of the couch without a clue as to what they were.  I began watching the tiny hole covered in them, just above the pile… sure enough, another pellet was pushed out the hole, but by something so small I imagined it must be one leg of a larger insect.  It was so small i could barely see it… imagine an ant’s leg… only white, that’s what this looked like.  It was so exciting to me to see this nature documentary brought to my very living room, that I woke Sean and brought him in to see the show.  As we went through a process of elimination of what the pellets were, perhaps eggs, perhaps wood, we didn’t know… and as Sean had resorted to picking it up with his fingers, I read on Wikipedia that it was termite poop and begin laughing.  Of course this prompted him to throw it at me, and thus we resorted to primate behavior.*  The nature show continues.
*(monkeys throw poop at each other; its a fun game!)


Entry filed under: BLISSfix Roadtrip 2008.

day 63 – Thank You Agape! (June 15, 2008) day 64 – When in Vegas… (June 16, 2008)

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