day 64 – When in Vegas… (June 16, 2008)

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Do as the Vegas-ans? 🙂

Well, I didn’t do everything that a Vegas frequenter does, but I did come off my 2 month hiatus from drinking when the hotel we randomly chose to stay at offered to throw in a bottle of champagne if we upgraded to the luxury suite with a jacuzzi.  Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in and the experience cost the exact same amount as our recent stay at the Holiday Inn Express directly off the 405 freeway in LA.  As you can see from the above video… double door entry, wide hallway, marble floors, lovely furniture, two bathrooms, jacuzzi and separate marble shower, slippers and robe, cushy bed with brushed cotton sheets, modern decor with beautiful 32-story view of the Wynn and Encore, two tvs, large modern sofa, desk, fridge and last but not least, the above mentioned, free bottle of champagne.  LOVELY!  Can we say, heaven?

As we soaked in the bubbling bath, Sean reported feeling conflicted between valuing these amazing luxuries and being content with a minimalist lifestyle.  I understand what he means and offer that perhaps it’s the balance of being comfortable and at peace wherever you are, whether its in a king’s palace or a paupers hovel.  For the rest of this trip, we’ll probably be staying in more hovel-esque type places, and not because we have to, but simply because we know that by saving there, we’ll feel freer to wander about the country as long as we want.  We may even camp a few times, if we spot a walmart with cheap camping gear.  plus, with this desert heat, we may not need any sleeping bags.  Today’s high was 111 degrees and as we raced to our show, at 9:30pm it was still 105!

I suppose I should conclude the above story and preface the following story with the info that on this adventure across the country, our only intention was to go with the flow and make as few definite plans as possible.  At first we found this to be very challenging, seeing that we plan pretty much everything so as to find the best deals, save money here, and control this situation there… but this was an important experiment to us, so anytime we caught ourselves ‘planning’ we sat down the proverbial map and datebook and asked ourselves “what would be fun now?”  Although we researched prices for hotels to decide when to head that direction, we didn’t commit to one until we got there.  By doing this, we manifested that amazing room.

With this “go with the flow” success under our belts, we made another step in the flow.  We’d already contacted the show we’d wanted to see to inquire about tickets and they had reported that they only had single seats with limited view left.  Slightly disappointed and still wanting to keep our options open, we waited until we got to our room to make a decision.  Decision made, lets order the champagne, snack on fruit and trail mix instead of dining at TAO, make sweet love, relax in the jacuzzi, and then go to the show.  So I called to buy the tickets to LOVE, the Beatles Cirque du Soliel, and low and behold… two seats right next to each other had just opened up and not only were they not limited view, they were possibly the best seats in the house.  When I had been just 6 weeks earlier to the same show, before the show started paparazzi entered shooting the remaining American Idols on this season and they sat in the seats that Sean and I had just purchased for less than the quoted price online.  The seats had speakers in the headrest for perfect surround sound and we were at eye level with the performers just a few feet in front of us.  The 4 main characters walked passed us before the show, and my favorite character stopped in front of us, staring at Sean at first, and then at me, so I offered him my piece of mustard pretzel and surprisingly he took it, and placed the entire large piece in his mouth.  Then he ran off to join the rest of the cast.

Score! yea! go with the flow!  When the show started, both of us were smiling ear to ear with the magic that descended on the crowd as dancing and acrobatic feats took the stage to some of the best music of our time.

After the show was over we wandered through a few casinos, admiring the disney-world-like displays and watching gamblers win and loose it all.

Even after midnight, it was horridly hot outside.  Every time I stepped out of the cool air casino, I’d temporarily forget where we were and subconsciously wonder, “why someone had the heaters on so high!”  I would immediately catch myself in this thought (at least twice) and wonder how I could possibly be thinking that.  My only explanation is that for the last 6 weeks I’ve spent all my time in Santa Monica where the high is 70 and the nightly low is 63 degrees… and the only time you feel heat after dark… especially anything this hot and dry, it must be a heat lamp.

Our biggest shock wasn’t the heat though, it was an insanely offensive odor as we walked outside of Paris Casino & Hotel.  We have no idea what they were doing, but it should have been done at 4am when fewer people were on the street.  It looked like they were using some truck to pump out the septic tank.  The air was thick with heat and the smell of raw sewage… people everywhere were covering their mouths and noses and twisting their faces in disgust.  Blocks away, people were still reacting to the odor and Sean was still making lewd jokes to strangers about his fowl bodily functions… saying “Sorry guys, that as a big one,” as he waived his hand around behind his ass.  Such a comedian.  In his defense, he’d had most of the champagne and a 32 ounce Newcastle… both contributers to the 6th grade humor.  I thought it was funny and in my defense, I’m a lightweight after not drinking anything for 6 weeks.

Regardless, it was a lovely day, a beautiful evening and a great start to our trip.


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