day 65 – Be That Someone (June 17, 2008)

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day64Today was amazing!  (not the first time I’ve written that in this blog, I know)

It was simply lovely waking up in the cushy bed, soft sheets and a sweet hubby next to me.   We packed, left, made a few business decisions, shipped some equipment home to our team in Charlotte and hit the road to the Hoover Dam.  And it was “dam” incredible! 🙂

You’ll be glad to know, Vegas doesn’t have a monopoly on the heat, it was also 111 degrees there and hotter than I’ve ever felt hot before.  When people say it feels like being inside an oven… that’s actually a very good description.  For instance, when my skin touched the concrete wall you have to lean over to see down, there was a slight sizzle noise.   And when I tiptoed to see the water on the other side, I left my black flip flops exposed to the sun for maybe 15 seconds and when I brought my heals back down to meet the earth, the word “Ahhhhh” quietly escaped my mouth.

All that aside, the dam was impressive in size and we had fun imagining boating in the area and noticing the water level markings on the side of the rock walls of the canyon.  We took many photos and headed back toward scenic route 169 that winds around the northwestern edge of Lake Mead toward Utah.

Our camera battery was dead, so we were forced to stay fully present and not hide behind the lens in order to ‘capture’ the moment, but somehow miss it all together.  Perhaps that’s just a pro-photographer thing, or do you know what I mean?  As we drove, we really soaked in the scenery and I did my best to spot any indigenous wildlife.  We listened to Ask and It Is Given: The Processes by Ester & Jerry Hicks and Michael Beckwith’s, Life Visioning.

Eventually I dosed off and woke to Sean turning left into a parking area bordering a natural oasis in the middle of the desert.  There we found the most beautiful spring rising from the earth and a family of five swimming and playing in the water.  From the spring trickled the most delightful sounding brook.  Sean mentioned, “this would be a wonderful place to meditate, “ so I led us down stream away from laughing children until the sound of the brook was all we could hear.  We stood there, soaking in the heat, the sounds, the view, the wildlife and eventually Sean began picking up trash littered about this otherwise pristine earthly haven.  I helped and as we walked back toward the car in search of a trash can, he told me a story from a few months ago:
“I was at Garden Ridge for some reason and I noticed how incredibly dirty their parking lot was.  I thought to myself, ‘someone should really clean this up.’  As I had the thought, I realized that ‘someone’ could be me… but I brushed it off, thinking, ‘nah… why would i clean up this random parking lot.’  As i drove away, I realized that thinking the thought and driving away was worse than not even noticing the solution to the problem at all… so I turned around and cleaned the entire parking lot.  And it was during a period of time where I was challenging myself to do service without seeking to get anything out of it, even praise, so I never really told anyone about it.”

“wow,” I responded.  “That’s awesome.”

He continued to remark that he’d really like that if we both became more like that, simply doing whatever we could, where ever we go, to make the world a better place.  I am 100% game, especially after the success of our Free Hug campaign.  Be the change you wish to see… be that “someone” in your “someone should…” statement.  If the project at hand feels too big, it’s probably just the right size!  Blow your own mind by doing what you didn’t think possible.

After checking out the second spring down the road, we returned  to the original, slipped into our swim suits and hopped into the knee deep water.  The family was gone and we had it all to ourselves and we sat there in the water, mediating and listening to the sounds of the bubbling brook… and comically, also to the sounds of a photographer shooting a naked chick in the stream just below…
sounds like… “spread your legs”
“that’s it”
“now it’s going to be cold when you stand up”
“oh yeah!”
When we walked up, she was in the stream fully clothed, but as I was getting in the pool behind them, I heard him instructing her to go ahead and undress now that the family had left.  Honestly, they both seemed very nice and i did my best to make them feel comfortable assuring them Sean was a photographer too and we’d seen it all.  Somehow we managed to have our romantic spiritual moment, speak to the photographer twice and walk to the car without viewing anything that wouldn’t be ‘G-rated’.  But it was a really funny situation.

Tonight we’re doing it up old-school style in our $39/night Days Inn, sleeping in separate beds for no real reason… other than he’s asleep and I’m still typing.  We’ll see if it lasts… after two months sleeping without him next to me, I’m liking the snuggles quite a bit.  And its time for me to hit the hay!oldschool1


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