BLISSfix Recommends “Penelope”

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penelope_poster_2I LOVE this movie.  Penelope represents in fairytale wonder, all that I wish to rebirth within myself.  I have rewatched certain scenes over and over, attempting to reprogram previously ingrained beliefs that I feel are no longer serving me.  After watching it I felt empowered to know what loving and accepting myself might look like.  Without many role models of that in my life and in society, watching this story unfold was like a cool drink of water in the desert.

Artistically, it has a beautiful set design and great use of imagery that made me feel like I was watching a play.  I also love Reece Witherspoon’s quirky self-solid character in the movie… and was delighted to see that Reece also directed it.  I’m also a big fan of the self-empowerment and confidence Witherspoon displays in her movie Legally Blonde, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that she championed a project as noble as this one.

The tag line “What makes us different makes us beautiful” is a perfect synopsis without giving anything away.  I want to share this movie with everyone I know, as I feel we all could use a dose of remembering that accepting ourselves is the key to unlocking a million possibilities in life.




On a personal note, I connect with Penelope’s plight of an unsightly physical  flaw that the public rejects.  In fourth grade I moved to a new school and for the first time, I was picked on for my appearance.  I had dark hair on my arms, more than other girls my age… in fact, more than boys my age… and there for I became “Harry Heather” and “Gorilla Girl”.  I attempted to smile through it, but the words hurt and I felt embarrassed and helpless to do anything but endure their teasing.  The teasing happened less in middle school, but was obviously still on the tips of people’s tongues if they felt like putting me in my “place.”  In high school I began bleaching my arm hair to make it less noticeable… and the adaptations toward finding acceptance in society continued.  I love the scene in the movie where she leaves her “prison” and goes out into the world, but not without her scarf to hide what the world rejects… but she discovers later when she exposes herself for who she is, the world loves her… and then she feels free to love herself.  Perhaps its time to remove my many scarves.  I think of how many things I do in order to meet others’ approval, from make up, to hair removal, to pleasing conversations that avoid confrontation, to joining in social activity I’d rather not do.  What would happen if I were me… if I said “no”… if I spoke what I really feel… if I did only what I wanted to do… and I was still loved and accepted by others.  I’ll tell you what would happen… I’d feel a million pounds lighter.  I’d feel what it means to truly love and accept myself, because I would see that the person judging me… is me.  “I was imperfect in the face of others, and they didn’t care… they loved me anyway.”  I think where I’ve become confused in recent years as I’ve explored this concept of “who am I, really?” is that there is a part of me that enjoys feeling pretty and enjoys smooth, clean shaven legs and non-hairy arms, and socializing from time to time… and where does the line get drawn between what efforts I do for myself out of joy and what efforts I do for others, out of a need for approval?  Finding that line and sticking to the self acceptance side has been difficult for me in the past.  However, this movie has gifted me a better understanding of it and patience with myself as I progress toward total self love and acceptance.
I am so happy and grateful now that I love an accept myself as I am and choose all of my actions based on what feels good to me in my heart.


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