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Picture 2Last night as I settled down into bed, I decided to start a new book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, which I had borrowed from the public library.  When I casually opened it, it opened to Chapter 5: Money is Like Water.  I’m always eager to follow ‘signs’ so I decided to start right were my fingers had landed.  The message here was 100% BLISSfix approved, asking the reader to be more conscious of the energy behind the money they spend and receive.  In her example, a CEO of a major US Company uncaringly donates $50,000 to her organization The Hunger Project as a PR move and on the very same day she receives a heartfelt $50 from a woman in Harlem who was grateful to give her all that she had to “do the most good for the most people.”  That night Lynne wrote a letter to the CEO and returned the $50,000 check, stating that they should contribute to a cause they were passionate about.  You absolutely must read the entire story for yourself, as it’s the kind to give goose bumps, or Godbumps as I call them. 🙂  She also shares a story about wanting to shower her granddaughter in presents, but after listening to her son’s wishes, she decides to be more conscious with her purchases… considering the practices of the companies she’s buying from and the consequences of supporting companies who exploit child labor or allow toxic dye to be used in their fabrics.  This is all about bringing consciousness into your life in a very applicable way.  Receiving money from people who give it with love and a sense of connected community, and giving money to people who have a sense of love, consciousness and connected community.   The more we support those conscious, loving companies, the more they thrive and the more consciousness is being raised on this planet.  I love it!

One quote from the book that I loved and had heard at least 2 other times this week in other words follows below:

“We can use this grand resource of money to affirm those companies whose products and people support the well-being of our children and our communities, or we can get caught up in spending to get more simply because we can, and find ourselves accumulating things that eventually only burden us with excess, clutter our homes and end up in a landfill.”

It was specifically the word ‘clutter’ that has reached my awareness multiple times this week all in relation to unnecessary accumulation of stuff.  It made me want to consider how simply I might be able to live without my stuff.

We’ve cut quite a bit of spending with the economic slow-down, but I’ve continued to attract free stuff that clutters my home and my mind.  It’s difficult to maintain a clean, orderly home with all the junk I have.

In the South, people would say, “I get it honest” as my mom has the same condition.  Piles of related stuff is about as orderly as either of our houses become.

I remember a line from the Meg Ryan movie “French Kiss” where her future sister-in-law claims that she will never own a home because, as she put it, ‘you start out thinking you own the house and then it ends up owning you.”  I see that in my own life in so many ways, from the depreciating assets of new cars, to equipment that breaks and needs repairing, to clothing that I can’t release but don’t have room for, to the $2000 hypo allergenic dog we bought who then needed $800 dog training, and regular vet visits and special $30/bag dog food, and toys, and hair cuts, and a college education while I’m at it. 🙂  We’ve since dropped most of that, but the point is, when we buy something, it is generally because we expect it to make our lives easier, or more enjoyable.  However, quite often, one purchase necessitates another and the thing that we purchased to bring us joy or make life easier comes with a learning curve, or complications, or falls apart sooner than we’d hoped.  I’m not suggesting that commerce is bad… quite the contrary… commerce can be wonderful and is a necessary part of life… what I am suggesting is that the more conscious we are with our purchasing power, the more satisfied we will be in the short and long term.
Whether we have a lot of money or just a little, as long as we are aware of how our incoming and outgoing money aligns with our values and our sense of purpose in life, we will fill fulfilled.  And if we choose to use or receive money in ways that goes against our belief and purpose we are likely to feel disappointed, even dirty.

“Money flows through all our lives, sometimes like a rushing river, and sometimes like a trickle.  When it is flowing, it can purify, cleanse, create growth, and nourish.  But when it is blocked or held too long, it can grow stagnant and toxic to those withholding or hoarding it.”  As the title of the chapter claims, money is like water in this way.

May everyone who reads this ask themselves these questions, “what is my relationship with money now… how is it entering my life and where is it going?  And am I satisfied by my current flow?  And if not, what am I willing to change to become more conscious in my spending and earning habits?”  And if these questions stump you, consider picking up this book as Lynne shares example after example of how wonderful or frustrating your life with money can be, leaving the choice of your experience up to you!

With much gratitude for discovering this book I share it here in the hopes more people will find it.


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