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July 20, 2009 at 10:10 pm Leave a comment

Spanish girlLotus Notepad I discovered Papaya Art in the Gastown District of Vancouver, BC and oh, how I wish I had discovered them sooner.  They are based out of Ashland, Or and we had just driven through there days ago.  I could have paid them a visit.

The design to the left was the first one to draw me in.  Something about her simplicity and complexity drew me in… and to my delight, each of these beautiful designs were accompanied by a meaningful message.  This designer is after my heart! 🙂  I went inside the art store to discover the wonderful menagerie of products Papaya Art creates.  Journals, magnets, wall decor, notebooks, and more… all posessing beauty and meaning.

One strong recommendation as a purchase is the yellow lotus legal pad to the left.  It was suggested to me at a workshop with Jeannette Wolfe of that it is a good idea to write your intentions in red ink (for action) on yellow paper (for clarity).  Since then I’ve been scouting for yellow paper for these intentions.  This is the most beautiful yellow paper I’ve found!  And such a great price.  $4 per pad.  I had spent $5.50 on 10 sheets from

I also love their journals, not only for their inspirational beauty, but because they have lines on the left side of the page for writing and blank pages on the right side for drawing… how clever! 🙂

I raise my glass and tip my hat at Papaya Art and celebrate more creative, inspiring products out there for us to take home.  Here here to conscious creators !  Let us support them so they thrive and more conscious creators will follow in their footsteps.

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