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July 8, 2010 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

These shoes make me want to say “Oh, Mummy, please!” in the begging, pleading voice of a middle schooler who hasn’t earned the ability to buy her own clothes, yet. 🙂  I am not a middle schooler, however I have given myself a rather strict budget and these shoes would have to dip into other excess categories such as dining out or my endless list of books that I want from Amazon.  And when I’m honest with myself, food without labor and knowledge come before fashion for me.  I console myself temporarily noting that all my favorite colors are sold out in my size, so even if I felt ready to purchase them, I could not. 🙂

But I did want to post them here, because the company making them definitely qualifies as a Conscious Company.  I heard about TOMS from my friend Callie, who bought her first pair last week.  I say “first pair” as if there will be more, as all the reviews on the TOMS website express ferver for the comfort they provide and the need for multiple colors in multiple styles.  Apparently for some styles its important to buy a size or two too small, and with others, they run true to size.  Callie said they were a bit tight on day one, but by day two they felt like a cocoon on her feet.

Are TOMS the new CROCS, I wonder?  Something people will begin buying and wearing by the hords only to realize they look silly a year later and leave them in the closet, lest they be criticized as if they were wearing a “snuggie” in public?

But being addictive or a possible fad is not what makes them conscious.  What I appreciate most about them is that they promise to give away a pair of shoes for every pair they sell.  What a thought!?  Building donations into the business plan!  It made me wonder how to do that with my business.

Yesterday I gave my first coaching session in over a year.  It felt soooooooo good and made me reconsider my thoughts about closing the business.  I’ve been attempting to answer the age old question, is this a business or a hobby?  I prefer to easy with it, allowing it to unfold naturally on its own, rather than hard-nosed, profit driven… does that make it a hobby though?  Not necessarily perhaps.  And I find myself wondering how a business model of “every coaching session purchased, offers a free coaching session to someone else.”   hmmmmm…. i wonder. 😉

Either way, check out the TOMS story and the shoes… if you’re like my friend or the people on the site, you’ll be more than pleased!

with pondersome love… heather


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