BLISSfix Journal – Gratitude for the most obvious fix for bliss

July 16, 2010 at 11:24 pm 1 comment

How is it that I have had this blog as long as I’ve had it, and haven’t written about my most constant BLISSfix… my sweet husband.  Probably for the exact reason that I’m noticing it as a fix for bliss at this moment… he’s not here.  We’re together so often and he fixes my need for bliss so often, that I hardly ever have a craving.  And now I’ve been away from him for a meer 2 hrs and I’ve thought of him at least 3 separate times about things I would say to him… like “thank you bank of america” or “don’t you love it when the airport restaurant doesn’t display their obscene prices?”

There was some movie that I watched years ago where a woman who’d been married for many years described her relationship with her husband as, we’ve grown on each other like moss.  That phrase has been ringing in my ears lately.  Our relationship has become very moss-like.   I can’t imagine life without him.  He’s a part of me now.   Missing him even for a short period is like trying to function normally without a very helpful appendage.   I don’t expect that most young married couples (and i define this as we’ll be celebrating our 5 yr anniversary in 3 months), would feel this already.  Our moss-like, bliss-fixing relationship has been amplified by a few factors… 1) we work together and 2) we are passionately studying the same spiritual development path.  When I began dating Sean, I never expected either of those results.  We were as opposite as opposite can be when it came to spiritual beliefs, yet we were intrigued by each other’s thoughts and arguments.  And I’d simply never considered running my own business… as I’d never known anyone who had.  Regardless, here we are, on this very close path together, and it feels so strange when my path redirects me to a bachelorette party on the other side of the country.   While it is strange, I am at the same time grateful, as it stands true to form that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  hence my momentous awareness that he is a BLISS fix for me.  So here I will count the ways that I appreciate my dear, sweet bubbee, Sean.

1) I love the curly ringlets his long hair develops and I especially love his hair about an hour after he lets it dry naturally and leaves it down
2) Its so nice when he rubs that spot on my back that gets sore and tired (he says b/c I slouch at my computer)
3) I love the way he smiles at me with happy expectant eyes as we wake up in the morning
4) I love that we list what we are grateful for together upon waking and before snuggling in for sleep
5) I love the way we snuggle… a full chapter could be written about our snuggles… oh, how I’ve wanted to have them photographed from the viewpoint of the ceiling above our bed.
6) I love that he’s good at doing the things I don’t like doing for the business… like reading the fine print of contracts!!!! it’s so nice not having to do that because he does.
7) I love the way he sees what I love about heroines in movies and shows me that I’m just like those heroines… such as the female leads of Amelie, Garden State, and multiple moodey Zooey Dechenelle movies.  How does he say it?.. I’m the quirky, deep girl that changes people’s lives? is he one of those people?
8. I love that he trusts me and lets me be… the way he was totally cool with me going on sabatical for 6 weeks 3000 miles away… or the way he lets me cry over lost friendships of previous loves… that’s an amazing depth of love… or patience and faith in the idea that “life always brings me good things.”
9) I love that he encourages me to eat healthy, exercise, drink my juice, and read my lesson… he does it in such a playful, wonderful way… the way a person who loves me would do it… the way he wants me to be happy and live a fulfilled life.
10) I love that he listens to me patiently as I experience every emotion known to Man and waits for the final conclusion… a gift he must have gained from both his parents.
11) now this is an extension of Sean…. but I LOVE his family… I love how the Bushers have changed, challenged, accepted and enveloped me… they are wonderful, wonderful people and I’m so honored to carry their name.
12) I love the way he is with our pets, the voices he makes and the affection he shows
13) i truly appreciate his magnificent experitise at his trade… he is a spectacular photographer any way you slice it
14) I love that he accepts all people
15) I’m so grateful that he maintained good relationships with all his ex-girlfriends… this was tough for me to understand at first, as I’d never witnessed such a thing, but now I realize what a gift it is to not burn those bridges and how I wish I had been able to do the same.
16) I love how he surprises me… just when I think I know who he is, he unfolds into a new, unexpected, greater version of himself.  Sean 30.0 v. 2
ok. must board plane.  so long, sean-ee-pooh.  see you in 4 days.
(to be continued)


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  • 1. michelle mcconnell  |  July 22, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    How sweet– and positively inspiring.. (almost makes you cry)- you are so in love.. thats beautiful..


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