BLISSfix Journal – New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year, Blogging Land!   Our New Years Eve and New Years Day has been delightful.   Lots of laziness and playfulness.   We hosted 3 other couples last night for fondue and Xbox 360 gaming… LOVING the new game Dance Central!   And today was filled with yummy breakfast, slow recovery with snuggly pets and brainstorming our resolutions for 2011.

The List

1. Blog EVERY day (this is a biggie!)

2. Stop buying desert for myself (both at the grocery or at a restaurant)

3. Reduce the amount of dairy I consume, especially cow dairy, by finding more things I enjoy eating that don’t require cheese or milk in order to taste great

4. See food for what it really is, nutritious fuel for my body and eat accordingly.  I eat consciously.  I create happiness through my focused appreciative thoughts.  (In the past I ate emotionally.  When stressed I ate comfort food.) I choose a different way now.  Eating a vegetarian diet as close to it’s natural raw state as I can enjoy it! 🙂

5.  When I speak about anyone, anything or any experience, I do so in a way that is honoring and focused on what is magnificent about them or it.  When I feel like complaining, I listen within for the answer to the question, “What do I want to bring about?  What do I want to have happen instead?” and then I speak only to that desired creation.

6.  It feels scary to type this into the vast infinite spaces of interwebs… but here goes.  I recently re-watched the movie the Secret and Jack Canfield spoke about his first experience with trying to manifest money.  He said that his mentor W. Clement Stone told him to pick an income amount that seemed impossible and to then visualize having that lifestyle every day.  At the time he was making $8,000/yr as a school teacher and so he picked $100,000.  He placed a $1 bill on his ceiling which he had drawn 6 zeros on to remind him to do the practice.  He did it every day for 30 days and nothing had really happened and then one day he was in the shower and he had a $100,000 idea.  He realized he had a bunch of books he had just published and if he sold 4,000 of them at $.25 each that he would have $100,000.  By the end of that year he had made $92k.  This was a huge surprise to him and he was so impressed with the results that the following year he tried the same thing with one million dollars.  The next year his publisher wrote him a check for $1 Million with a smiley face on it because it was the first million dollar check he’d ever written.   From this I have felt inspired to do the same thing.  This year I would like our business to make $1 Million and I’d for our personal income to collectively total to $250,000.  I’m excited to find a powerful way to donate 10% of that income toward something I care greatly about.  I’m also planning on saving 10% and of course 25% or more will go to the government to provide public services.  What is left will be fun to enjoy and co-create with.  I commit now to visualizing this lifestyle every day until it comes about and I’m ready to stretch again to imagine yet another seemingly impossible goal.  Yippee! 🙂

7.  Have a fun, postive active lifestyle and learn what it is to feel strong in my body.  Whether it is walking/jogging the dog while listening to my ipod, or doing yoga in the mornings with my sweetie, or working out with a fun game on the Kinect, I want to have fun with my body this year.  I love the phrase ‘fit, firm and fabulous’ and I also love the idea of feeling ‘strong’… something I just recently realized is possible for a woman of my size and build.  What might I lift?  What might I be capable of if I had great physical strength, health and endurance?  It excites me to think about it. 😉

8.  Creative nights with girlfriends on a weekly basis.  Taking time to cultivate friendships while enjoying the gift of creativity.

9.  Live somewhere fun and interesting for a month or more that allows me to learn about myself and life in a whole new way.  Example, doing a WWOOF in Italy with Christine or going to Findhorn Foundation in Scottland, UK to do Ecovillage Training.

I feel good about these resolutions!  I feel excited to meet the challenge and see what wonderful things come of them.

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