BLISSfix Journal – A Commitment to Personal and Profound FREEDOM

January 10, 2011 at 3:30 am 2 comments

Well… Jan 10th and I’ve already missed 2 days on my original New Years goal of blogging every day of 2011. I suppose shyte happens. But, I’ve begun the book Blogging for Bliss and there I have been instructed to 1) be real and honest, not perfect. ( ie. don’t create too faux entries and pretend I didn’t miss a day) Check!  and 2) that blogging should be fun, and not feel like work.  Tara Frey, the author, recommends that I blog at least 3 times a week if I’d like to have listeners/readers.  She also suggests posing questions to the readers and encouraging comments.  This may come as a shock, but I had never thought of that.  What’s so funny is that I have vehemently opposed pulpit like behavior of one person standing before many acting like a know-it-all, and here I’ve been carrying out that very act on my blog and not realizing the vast resources of allowing other people’s brilliance to shine through in the comments. duh.  geez louise!  anyway.. I’m cured.  and to prove it…

Got any other great blogging tips? Got any other blogging books or websites I should check out?  Comment below! She can be taught folks!

My husband asked me how I was liking the books (as I checked out 9 on blogging from the library) and I confessed to him, and now to you… world… that sometimes reading about all these people who are out there blogging successfully triggers insecurities and makes me feel like I’m ten years late to the prom.  The evolution of this blog and of my life has been very unpredictable and sporadic, and as a member of productive American, go-getter society… I’m embarrassed.  Shouldn’t I be ‘doing something’ with my life?  Shouldn’t I “be” someone by now?  Shouldn’t I be branding myself, creating a marketable product and be earning a good living off of my offerings?

The truth is I’m happiest when I am serving in a loving and free way.  I love helping people and I’m very gifted in lots of different areas, so I often find myself floating in and out of people’s lives as needed and moving on where I’m needed next, no payment or title necessary.  Kind of like a less exciting, Jill-of-all-Trades super hero.  In fact the second someone offers me money or a job, I freeze, panic and split.  I run my husband’s photography business with great success, yet something in me yearns for greater expression and fuller reward.  Something to call my own.  Yet how can I create that and still have my precious freedom?

Freedom from what?  Freedom to change with the wind and move as Spirit moves me.

I told Sean tonight that I keep receiving the message of needing to commit to something, see things through… what-have-you.  He suggested to drop the ego-brain ‘should’ and commit to mastering freedom… commit to being the Jill of all Trades blessing.  And then the question comes… How can I be this flit-floating, versital hero who doesn’t like getting paid for her good deeds and put money on the table… shouldn’t I force myself to learn to receive in kind?  But what really feels natural to me is simply being cared for by Life… not necessarily receiving directly from the person I’m giving to, but trusting that paying it forward will always bring my deserts from one direction or another.  Perhaps a bit like my chant as I leave the house late… “I always arrive at the perfect and right time.”… perhaps I need to come up with a new chant, “I am always am cared for by the universe in direct and abundant proportion to the level of care I give.”  I love contributing and I love receiving… I just like them to not be directly related to one another.  For whatever reason, it most often feels like entrapment to me.

As Sean made his suggestion, one thought did come to mind though as I contemplated what a commitment to true freedom might look like… “true freedom comes from releasing all thoughts of fear, doubt and worry.”  Now that is a doozy of a commitment!  Perhaps it’s time to commit to meditation.  I believe it would help me gain clarity and improve my ability to direct my thought to create the life I want to live.

Anyone got any great ideas on how to meditate effectively?  I’ve tried many methods… monkey brain still reigns.  I’m willing and ready.  I’ll continue to post my progress to the cloud.  Thanks for listening.

ps. just started snowing outside… a rarity in NC.  enough to get excited about and raid the grocery stores of all milk and bread.  (only I stopped eating those two things, so I stocked up on fruits and veggies!)


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  • 1. blissfix  |  January 10, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    look at what Sean shared with me today… isn’t it simply a perfect response from the universe to my call for guidance with blogs? Thanks Universe! and thanks sweet hubby!

  • 2. Rebekah  |  January 15, 2011 at 4:14 am

    I feel you Heather! I agree there doesn’t need to be a direct payment for services rendered. It’s enough for me to know the money will come from somewhere, that I’ll be provided for. It doesn’t have to come from the sources I thought it would.

    Re: meditation, you could always ask the yogi next door. 😉 Seriously though I know if you pray for guidance it will come. A form of meditation will call out to you because there are a blue million, as my dad likes to say.


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