Having a Life Coach is Awesome! :)

January 20, 2011 at 7:27 pm Leave a comment

I love having a life coach.  I had a session with Karen yesterday and I entered it frustrated and frozen.  My mind had run away with overwhelm and I was having difficulty knowing what I wanted and moving forward with action.  Just an hour on the phone with her and I was clear, upbeat, hopeful and expectant.  By having someone listen and reflect what they heard me say, I had the space to gain new insights.  I determined that I want to take ONLY INSPIRED ACTION.  As opposed to actions that my mind concocts to try to manipulate and control.  I see inspired actions as flashes of insight that come from my heart and they tend to have a feeling of fun, joy, excitement, creation, etc. where as the “to do lists” from my brain are all bogged down with the energy of “shoulds.”

I discovered during the call that I go to my brain and to do list in a mild state of panic with a low level belief that “I’m not safe.”  Karen asked what I wanted to focus on and I said, “I want to master connecting within and getting answers.  I’ve lived like that before; I want to do it again.” Here are some random notes I took during the rest of the call, as I realized I was doing exactly what I’d asked to focus on.

Thinking that “I’m not safe” is a choice and I can choose differently.   I can begin thinking “I am safe.  All is well.”

I can ask for help from Source/God/Angels/The Universe.

“Catch myself in the moment of feeling a negative feeling and STOP.  Ask the question that is on my heart in that moment and wait for the answer.  If it doesn’t come immediately, ask a different question like, “what can I do right now to improve my mood?” then stop what I’m doing and go do that mood-lifting task, and then ask the original question again or a new one that is now on my heart.”

Developing a practice of checking in and choosing how I want to feel.

I committed to blogging about the successes I have in practicing this this week.  Here’s to living an inspired life!


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