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Having a Life Coach is Awesome! :)

I love having a life coach.  I had a session with Karen yesterday and I entered it frustrated and frozen.  My mind had run away with overwhelm and I was having difficulty knowing what I wanted and moving forward with action.  Just an hour on the phone with her and I was clear, upbeat, hopeful and expectant.  By having someone listen and reflect what they heard me say, I had the space to gain new insights.  I determined that I want to take ONLY INSPIRED ACTION.  As opposed to actions that my mind concocts to try to manipulate and control.  I see inspired actions as flashes of insight that come from my heart and they tend to have a feeling of fun, joy, excitement, creation, etc. where as the “to do lists” from my brain are all bogged down with the energy of “shoulds.”

I discovered during the call that I go to my brain and to do list in a mild state of panic with a low level belief that “I’m not safe.”  Karen asked what I wanted to focus on and I said, “I want to master connecting within and getting answers.  I’ve lived like that before; I want to do it again.” Here are some random notes I took during the rest of the call, as I realized I was doing exactly what I’d asked to focus on.

Thinking that “I’m not safe” is a choice and I can choose differently.   I can begin thinking “I am safe.  All is well.”

I can ask for help from Source/God/Angels/The Universe.

“Catch myself in the moment of feeling a negative feeling and STOP.  Ask the question that is on my heart in that moment and wait for the answer.  If it doesn’t come immediately, ask a different question like, “what can I do right now to improve my mood?” then stop what I’m doing and go do that mood-lifting task, and then ask the original question again or a new one that is now on my heart.”

Developing a practice of checking in and choosing how I want to feel.

I committed to blogging about the successes I have in practicing this this week.  Here’s to living an inspired life!


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BLISSfix – Fascinating Story

A friend just shared this video with me about an unassuming fabulous photographer, whose greatness was only discovered when a 26-yr-old hopeful-author bought a box of her negatives at an auction following her death.

I’m not sure what intrigues me more, that she was so gifted and yet so private or the fortunate turn of events that fell upon this young man who found her work.  Both have been themes I’ve been exploring lately.  The first theme, ‘creation for the sake of creation… not for reward or recognition, but for the pure joy of doing something one loves to do.’  The second, ‘how following one inspired path, in this case the young man was writing a book in his spare time about his neighborhood in Chicago, can take you in a completely unexpected and exciting direction.’   By purchasing the photos, he is potentially sitting on a goldmine and admits to being surprised by his new hobby turned profitable business.  I am reminded of some things my chiropractor, Dr. Matt Lyon said to me… one, “imagine that you embody and ocean of trust” and once upon describing the Hindu God Ganesh’s message, “get out of the way” as he represents success and removing of obstacles.  I’ve been reflecting on the perplexing chain of events that have colored my ‘adult’ life.  I’m very happy with the life I lead, but am somewhat troubled by my own accomplishments or lack there of.  What does a life well-lived add up to?  What more could I be doing?  What really makes me happy?  Shouldn’t I be showing up in the world to contribute in a significant way?  These are some of the questions that drift through my brain.  But in watching this video and reflecting on Dr. Lyon’s words, I am comforted by the thought that although I may feel listless and purposeless at the moment, perhaps something exciting and entirely new is awaiting me right around the corner.  Perhaps, those ‘left turns at Albequerque’ were perfectly aligned with a greater discovery still hidden from my awareness.  If I can summon the ocean of trust and get out of my own way then perhaps my wishes and desires will be met even better than I could have attempted to meet them myself with a strategic course of action.

So I’m curious, anyone have any success stories of trusting in the laws of the universe and getting out of the way and having surprising and exciting success?  I’d love to hear it.  Please comment below!

side note: I’ve noticed that my writing style tends to change with what I’ve been listening, reading or watching.  After weeks of doing nothing more than watching episodes of Parks & Rec, 30 Rock and True Blood, my entries struggle to string two sentences together.  And today after listening to an audiobook for 7 hours while doing things around the house, words spill out of me with little effort.  They even seem melodic.  Any guesses as to what book I’m reading? I doubt it’s that obvious, so I’ll give you a hint… it’s the first of a series of books that I noticed 100s of people in airports reading over the summer.

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BLISSfix Journal – A Commitment to Personal and Profound FREEDOM

Well… Jan 10th and I’ve already missed 2 days on my original New Years goal of blogging every day of 2011. I suppose shyte happens. But, I’ve begun the book Blogging for Bliss and there I have been instructed to 1) be real and honest, not perfect. ( ie. don’t create too faux entries and pretend I didn’t miss a day) Check!  and 2) that blogging should be fun, and not feel like work.  Tara Frey, the author, recommends that I blog at least 3 times a week if I’d like to have listeners/readers.  She also suggests posing questions to the readers and encouraging comments.  This may come as a shock, but I had never thought of that.  What’s so funny is that I have vehemently opposed pulpit like behavior of one person standing before many acting like a know-it-all, and here I’ve been carrying out that very act on my blog and not realizing the vast resources of allowing other people’s brilliance to shine through in the comments. duh.  geez louise!  anyway.. I’m cured.  and to prove it…

Got any other great blogging tips? Got any other blogging books or websites I should check out?  Comment below! She can be taught folks!

My husband asked me how I was liking the books (as I checked out 9 on blogging from the library) and I confessed to him, and now to you… world… that sometimes reading about all these people who are out there blogging successfully triggers insecurities and makes me feel like I’m ten years late to the prom.  The evolution of this blog and of my life has been very unpredictable and sporadic, and as a member of productive American, go-getter society… I’m embarrassed.  Shouldn’t I be ‘doing something’ with my life?  Shouldn’t I “be” someone by now?  Shouldn’t I be branding myself, creating a marketable product and be earning a good living off of my offerings?

The truth is I’m happiest when I am serving in a loving and free way.  I love helping people and I’m very gifted in lots of different areas, so I often find myself floating in and out of people’s lives as needed and moving on where I’m needed next, no payment or title necessary.  Kind of like a less exciting, Jill-of-all-Trades super hero.  In fact the second someone offers me money or a job, I freeze, panic and split.  I run my husband’s photography business with great success, yet something in me yearns for greater expression and fuller reward.  Something to call my own.  Yet how can I create that and still have my precious freedom?

Freedom from what?  Freedom to change with the wind and move as Spirit moves me.

I told Sean tonight that I keep receiving the message of needing to commit to something, see things through… what-have-you.  He suggested to drop the ego-brain ‘should’ and commit to mastering freedom… commit to being the Jill of all Trades blessing.  And then the question comes… How can I be this flit-floating, versital hero who doesn’t like getting paid for her good deeds and put money on the table… shouldn’t I force myself to learn to receive in kind?  But what really feels natural to me is simply being cared for by Life… not necessarily receiving directly from the person I’m giving to, but trusting that paying it forward will always bring my deserts from one direction or another.  Perhaps a bit like my chant as I leave the house late… “I always arrive at the perfect and right time.”… perhaps I need to come up with a new chant, “I am always am cared for by the universe in direct and abundant proportion to the level of care I give.”  I love contributing and I love receiving… I just like them to not be directly related to one another.  For whatever reason, it most often feels like entrapment to me.

As Sean made his suggestion, one thought did come to mind though as I contemplated what a commitment to true freedom might look like… “true freedom comes from releasing all thoughts of fear, doubt and worry.”  Now that is a doozy of a commitment!  Perhaps it’s time to commit to meditation.  I believe it would help me gain clarity and improve my ability to direct my thought to create the life I want to live.

Anyone got any great ideas on how to meditate effectively?  I’ve tried many methods… monkey brain still reigns.  I’m willing and ready.  I’ll continue to post my progress to the cloud.  Thanks for listening.

ps. just started snowing outside… a rarity in NC.  enough to get excited about and raid the grocery stores of all milk and bread.  (only I stopped eating those two things, so I stocked up on fruits and veggies!)

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BLISSfix Journal – I {heart} snuggles!

I wish I had a photo to document this entry, but I don’t. Perhaps I’ll keep my phone by my bed this week and hope to get one to post later.

We have a new kitty. We found her on the street in mid-October and while the last three months have been a wild ride, we love her so much. We threaten to give her away repeatedly as she pees and poops where she’s not supposed to. But we take it back quickly as she’s cute, funny, talented and she participates joyfully in our favorite activity… snuggles.

The best part of my day is always the first 20 minutes after I wake up and before I put one foot on the ground. That’s when my hubby, puppy dog, new kitty and I partake in the morning snuggle ritual. I generally wake to new kitty “making biscuits” as close to our faces as we will allow. She also likes to nuzzle our nose with her own. As we stir, Sean pulls me closer to him and we giggle and laugh and use silly voices and joke about various and sundry things. Then RiRa joins the mix as he gets closer in and rolls over on his back and all but demands that his belly be rubbed. If we get distracted and cease to massage this spoiled pooch, he reaches his two front paws up toward us and scratches over and over until we begin again. I relish in these activities and wish this joyful way of waking for everyone! 🙂

The second best part of my day is the one I’m settling in for now… snuggles at night. 🙂 On this cold evening, I feel so appreciative of my little family and the warmth of their affection. I am truly blessed.

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BLISSfix – I love Kinect Dance Central! :)

It’s a party in a box. Actually that’s the tag line of the game Bunko that my aunt gave me. Dance Central, on the other hand, is a party in my living room and great fun in a big group. Using the Xbox 360 Kinect reminds me of the movie Minority Report. The future is here! And this game is just plain fun!

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BLISSfix LOVES Lynn Twist

A year and a half ago, I wrote about Lynn Twist’s book The Soul of Money after picking it up for the very first time. Tonight after many re-reads, I am listening to the abridged audiobook version. I enjoyed her meditation in the final 30 minutes of the recording that focuses on Great Fullness (gratefulness).

At this moment I’m finding myself in an internal tug of war that pulls between the idea of the world I want to live in, and the world as I see it now. I would like to live in a world where energy healing is the primary solution to any physical ailment, yet in the world I see around me my good friend who has been a Reiki Master for 15 years is suffering from diabetes and loosing parts of his body. I want to live in a world of sustainable communal support and giving, but after hosting two people and two kids in my home for two months, I question whether that is possible on any scale. I want to live in a world of harmony with plants, animals and people, but watch any nature show and it is clear that we do live in a panther eat gazelle world. It does seem in this world of duality, for harmony to exist, its opposite, discord, must exist, as well.

I have danced between the feelings of “not enough” and “more than enough” a lot the last few months. Almost enough to question whether or not I’m suffering from a personality disorder. At times it felt so good to share our space and our abundance with our house guests, and at times I felt burdened, frustrated and scared. I was being challenged to live my ideals and something about it was challenging the core of everything I believe.

To end this battle, I remember I have been taught in the law of attraction, that life is not about finding one right way of living for everyone to conform to, but about deciding my own preferences and moving toward what I want and away from what I don’t want. I want harmony, sufficiency, sustainability, great fullness, wellness, ease, grace, hope, peace. Perhaps that’s not what others have chosen, but I want the best of the best experiences on this planet. I realize I draw them to me through recognizing they are already here… and while at this moment that feels challenging, something about Lynn Twist’s audiobook helped me feel peace on the subject. That perhaps the zero point field lies in sufficiency and enoughness… that perfect balance between the two poles I have been dancing between. Tonight I will rest there.

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BLISSfix Journal – New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, Blogging Land!   Our New Years Eve and New Years Day has been delightful.   Lots of laziness and playfulness.   We hosted 3 other couples last night for fondue and Xbox 360 gaming… LOVING the new game Dance Central!   And today was filled with yummy breakfast, slow recovery with snuggly pets and brainstorming our resolutions for 2011.

The List

1. Blog EVERY day (this is a biggie!)

2. Stop buying desert for myself (both at the grocery or at a restaurant)

3. Reduce the amount of dairy I consume, especially cow dairy, by finding more things I enjoy eating that don’t require cheese or milk in order to taste great

4. See food for what it really is, nutritious fuel for my body and eat accordingly.  I eat consciously.  I create happiness through my focused appreciative thoughts.  (In the past I ate emotionally.  When stressed I ate comfort food.) I choose a different way now.  Eating a vegetarian diet as close to it’s natural raw state as I can enjoy it! 🙂

5.  When I speak about anyone, anything or any experience, I do so in a way that is honoring and focused on what is magnificent about them or it.  When I feel like complaining, I listen within for the answer to the question, “What do I want to bring about?  What do I want to have happen instead?” and then I speak only to that desired creation.

6.  It feels scary to type this into the vast infinite spaces of interwebs… but here goes.  I recently re-watched the movie the Secret and Jack Canfield spoke about his first experience with trying to manifest money.  He said that his mentor W. Clement Stone told him to pick an income amount that seemed impossible and to then visualize having that lifestyle every day.  At the time he was making $8,000/yr as a school teacher and so he picked $100,000.  He placed a $1 bill on his ceiling which he had drawn 6 zeros on to remind him to do the practice.  He did it every day for 30 days and nothing had really happened and then one day he was in the shower and he had a $100,000 idea.  He realized he had a bunch of books he had just published and if he sold 4,000 of them at $.25 each that he would have $100,000.  By the end of that year he had made $92k.  This was a huge surprise to him and he was so impressed with the results that the following year he tried the same thing with one million dollars.  The next year his publisher wrote him a check for $1 Million with a smiley face on it because it was the first million dollar check he’d ever written.   From this I have felt inspired to do the same thing.  This year I would like our business to make $1 Million and I’d for our personal income to collectively total to $250,000.  I’m excited to find a powerful way to donate 10% of that income toward something I care greatly about.  I’m also planning on saving 10% and of course 25% or more will go to the government to provide public services.  What is left will be fun to enjoy and co-create with.  I commit now to visualizing this lifestyle every day until it comes about and I’m ready to stretch again to imagine yet another seemingly impossible goal.  Yippee! 🙂

7.  Have a fun, postive active lifestyle and learn what it is to feel strong in my body.  Whether it is walking/jogging the dog while listening to my ipod, or doing yoga in the mornings with my sweetie, or working out with a fun game on the Kinect, I want to have fun with my body this year.  I love the phrase ‘fit, firm and fabulous’ and I also love the idea of feeling ‘strong’… something I just recently realized is possible for a woman of my size and build.  What might I lift?  What might I be capable of if I had great physical strength, health and endurance?  It excites me to think about it. 😉

8.  Creative nights with girlfriends on a weekly basis.  Taking time to cultivate friendships while enjoying the gift of creativity.

9.  Live somewhere fun and interesting for a month or more that allows me to learn about myself and life in a whole new way.  Example, doing a WWOOF in Italy with Christine or going to Findhorn Foundation in Scottland, UK to do Ecovillage Training.

I feel good about these resolutions!  I feel excited to meet the challenge and see what wonderful things come of them.

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