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To Be List – lessons continue

Last week I wrote about creating a To Be List and the challenges that come with it.  All of a sudden, I not only needed to do 5 million things, I also needed to BE 5 million things, as well.  Talk about an impossible challenge.  I needed a way to reign it in and this morning it appeared in my inbox.  Whether by coincidence or directly in response to my blog entry from last Friday, the Ongo Practice this morning was called To Be List.

To fill you in, I signed up for a 3-month-long Ongo several weeks ago given by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens… two of my favorite NVCers.  With that we have daily practices Monday – Friday, weekly group meetings over the phone on Sunday evening, a practice buddy and monthly  one-on-one calls.  We are entering week 3 now and I must say, I’ve very pleased with my decision to be a part of this.

Today’s exercise was perfect for solving my perfectionistic tendency dilemma.  They suggested after meditation, to take a look at my to do list and then next to each item connect with the need that I would like to BE next to it.  I know, I know, this is exactly like what I said before… but for whatever reason, it didn’t sink in until today.  I really like the phrase, “how do I want to be, while I do _______” and I like the practice of connecting with my ‘beingness’ choices, right before ‘doing’ each task… that’s the gift of having them right next to each other.  Here’s a peek at today’s To Do and To Be lists….

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BLISSfix recommends Paperless Post (

Yesterday I talked about writing more thank you notes and now I’d like to tell you about a website that can help you do just that.  I have been enjoying my free trial with for several months now and I love it for 4 main reasons.

1) It’s Easy –  For whatever reason I find it so much easier to send notes to people via the web instead of handwriting it.  However, there is something that’s missing in an email or e-card.  This website is the perfect balance as it looks handwritten and yet I can type, spell check and share it with multiple viewers.  It’s also easy for the recipient.  I’ve sent it to people who are technically challenged and they have easily opened their thank-yous from me and have very much appreciated the card.

2) It’s Beautiful – As someone who has worked in the stationery industry, the visual, tactile elements are beautiful and the designs are very classy.  Think Cranes stationery only electronic.

3) It Saves $$$ – The” stamps” and “coins” are much more reasonably priced than actual stamps and high-end cards.

4) It Saves the Planet! – by sending notes electronically, you’re saving stamps, paper, printing and ink which saves trees and other natural resources.  Sure, it’s just one note… but I’ve already sent 15 notes in a few months and over the course of a year that might become 60 notes a year, and imagine I use this for 20 years, then we’re looking at 1200 notes… and I’m just one person.

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Travel BLISS with

Many of you know that I travel A LOT… not only that, but I plan all the travel for everyone else in our business.  I have quite a few travel tricks up my sleeves these days, but this is one of my favorites right now.

Thank God for my friend Callie Wiser who turned me onto this year.  I used to make folders for every trip we took… it was a way for us to keep up with flight confirmations, hotel reservations, car rental details, maps to and from all the locations, details about our jobs… their timing, location, etc…. a place to collect receipts and miscellaneous items.  Now does all that for me for FREE, faster and without killing any trees!  *except, it doesn’t collect my food receipts, but we can easily do that ourselves in our wallets. 😉

Not only that, but Tripit has an excellent app for my smartphone (blackberry storm) and I’m able to check all sorts of things as I travel.  For example… earlier this week we called to ask our car rental company to pick us up at the airport and they couldn’t find my reservation and asked, “Do you have the confirmation number?” and I answered, “Why yes, I do!”  I pushed the Tripit icon on my phone, pushed the Key West button for the trip in question, scrolled until I saw the Alamo Rental Car button, and presto, the confirmation # was at my fingertips and we were on our way.  Before, that would have required digging through bags, flipping through papers, and wrestling with juggling multiple objects… now it’s simple, clean and efficient.

On top of that, it has helped keep my mom informed about where we are, what our flight number is, and therefor she can check online to make sure we landed when I forget to call and tell her we’re safe on the ground! 😉  Yes, after 31.5 years, she still worries… even more now, probably because there are now 2… me and her favorite son-in-law.

I’m considering upgrading and trying Tripit Pro… I haven’t taken the plunge, yet… so we’ll see what happens. 😉  I’ll be sure to let you know!

In summary, Tripit has greatly enhanced my BLISS by simplifying a process that used to take quite a bit of time and effort and assuaging my guilt over the massive amounts of ink and paper consumed in the organizing of each trip, and making each trip a breeze.  Thank you, Tripit!  You rock and receive the BLISSfix Stamp of Approval!

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