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To Be List – lessons continue

Last week I wrote about creating a To Be List and the challenges that come with it.  All of a sudden, I not only needed to do 5 million things, I also needed to BE 5 million things, as well.  Talk about an impossible challenge.  I needed a way to reign it in and this morning it appeared in my inbox.  Whether by coincidence or directly in response to my blog entry from last Friday, the Ongo Practice this morning was called To Be List.

To fill you in, I signed up for a 3-month-long Ongo several weeks ago given by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens… two of my favorite NVCers.  With that we have daily practices Monday – Friday, weekly group meetings over the phone on Sunday evening, a practice buddy and monthly  one-on-one calls.  We are entering week 3 now and I must say, I’ve very pleased with my decision to be a part of this.

Today’s exercise was perfect for solving my perfectionistic tendency dilemma.  They suggested after meditation, to take a look at my to do list and then next to each item connect with the need that I would like to BE next to it.  I know, I know, this is exactly like what I said before… but for whatever reason, it didn’t sink in until today.  I really like the phrase, “how do I want to be, while I do _______” and I like the practice of connecting with my ‘beingness’ choices, right before ‘doing’ each task… that’s the gift of having them right next to each other.  Here’s a peek at today’s To Do and To Be lists….

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BLISSfix Loves Agape Revelations!

agape Each year the Agape Spiritual Center of Culver City, CA decends upon a city somewhere in the USA and transforms it for a weekend.  I was most delighted to attend the Revelations Conference this year as it was held on the east coast in Atlanta, GA.  Just a short 4 hr drive from my home.  And once again, entering the energy of Agape was like coming home.  As the first song was sung, and Rev. Michael Beckwith walked down the aisle toward the stage, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I began what Oprah calls “the ugly cry.”  I wept for the joy of being there again, and I wept for the realization of how much I’ve missed it.  Just one year ago, being in this energy was an every other day occasion, and since my return to Charlotte last Augsut, nothing has been the same.  My local spiritual center has undergone months of painful transformation, our business underwent months of painful transformation and therefor I too experienced months of painful transformation.  And here I was, still breathing… back at Agape, only 4 hours from home.  It was a beautiful and grateful moment.

I’m so thankful to my Aunt Jo Anne who brought my mom and myself here.  I had introduced each of them to Agape on different trips to LA and each felt the same connection I had experienced.  There is something truly special about what is being created by the leaders and members of Agape.  The most overwhelming emotion is one of open acceptance.  Anyone of any faith, of any background, of any race, of any upbringing, of any political leaning, of any age, of any monetary standing, of any thing… is welcome, without judgment.

Revelations offers many gifts beyond the feeling of total acceptance.  There are special events and classes for the kids.  There is a marketplace of vendors selling beautiful, spiritually oriented products.  There are healing practitioners of every sort there to offer anything from 20 min – 2 hrs of reflexology, reiki, massage therapy, accupuncture, etc.   There are spiritual services, speakers, and musical performances with choreographed dancers.  And on the last night, every Revelation has a giant ballroom dinner and dancing for everyone in attendance.

Although it is obviously free to attend church services in LA, transporting this size of a production to another city doesn’t come cheap and therefor neither are the tickets.  Early bird specials keep the price just below $500/person, and if you put it off, that price jumps up $100 or more.  To learn about the next Agape Revelations go to the church’s website at and scroll to the bottom and click on Revelations Conference.

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BLISSfix recommends AGAPE International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA

agapeliveI love Agape!  It is my spiritual home!  Too bad I live 2,426 miles away! Not to worry though, because I’m an online member.  For only $15 a month, I receive 4 or more 1+ hr downloads of music and spiritual messages and a teleconference with Rev. Beckwith where as a participant on the call I can actually speak with him if I were so moved.  I tithed way more than $15 each visit and I visited twice a week, so this is really a phenomenal deal.  I highly recommend adding this to your spiritual digest each week, even if you have a spiritual center or church locally.  I get so much out of it and I’ve even attracted a gathering of people who come over on Sunday afternoon to listen with me.

This summer I took my BLISSfix Road Trip to live in Santa Monica, Ca for 6 weeks and I spent every moment possible at this amazing place.   They have Wednesday night services,  3 services Sunday morning and a special service on Sunday evenings.  6,000 people were in attendance on Easter in 2008.  The music led by Ricki Byers Beckwith and Tim…. is amazing.  A large choir backs up the full band one Sunday and one Wednesday a month.   There is always a guest performer (or two) from the infinite pool of talent that LA attracts.  And Michael Beckwith… is FABULOUS!!!  His energy is simply wonderful… I always float out of the sermons on a cloud, inspired to be “the change I wish to see.”  And beyond that… The people who make up the congregation are alive and rich with meaning and love.  Everyone I met astounded me with their kindness, openness, generosity, and compassion.  As I left, I noted that I can always take Michael Beckwith with me through recordings, books, movies etc… but I couldn’t take the community with me, and that was the biggest loss.  I’ve been back once since leaving in June and tears rolled down my face just because I miss the experience of being enveloped in such delightful energy and surrounded by potential friends.   But until I’m a citizen of the West Coast, I’ll continue to be content with my living room full of friends and the sound of the voices of Agape pouring through my speakers.

I hear of other places like this in other places… if you know of them, please comment and I will check them out on my next visit to that location.  Also, I welcome any suggestions on anything you think is BLISSfix worthy!

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