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BLISSfix Conscious Events – Come Together for Peace in Charlotte, NC

Oh, joy!  Oh, joy!  I asked and it was given.  For those of you who read my blog on Jan 5th, you know that my primary reason for bringing Catherine Cadden to Charlotte was to attract a regularly meeting group to practice NVC with.  Just three days later, the leader of such a group called me this morning!  She had found me through a friend who had heard about the upcoming event.

Here are the details in case you’re interested in joining.  I hope to be there this Wednesday! 🙂

Come Together for Peace
Every Wednesday
will be an ongoing gathering of
Peace Workers, Peace Makers, and Peace Lovers –
all those who are hearing a call to work for peace
and to bring it forth in our lifetime.

7-8 PM  Learn and practice skills for inner peace

8-9 PM  Vision and plan for action

meeting at


401 E. Arrowood Road

Charlotte, NC 28217


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A new year… A new commitment to compassion.

This year, my main resolution is to master living compassionately. To see all things through the eyes of love.  I think this also means living without fear, in the sense that I see that there is nothing to defend against.  I want to deeply understand, see and believe that “all there is, is love.”  I want my words and actions to be peaceful, loving and compassionate.  And I want my thoughts toward myself and others to be equally peaceful and focused on love, peace, ease, gratitude, appreciation, and joy.  In other words… I see living compassionately as a sure step to living blissfully.

My first attempt in bringing this about is practice.  Practice make progress.  This past year I read multiple books on compassionate communication (aka Non-Violent Communication) and saw some major progress in the way I relate with my husband, friends, and family.  I was also really encouraged by the level of insight I gained in understanding my own needs and ending my habits of self-sabotage.  (a blog entry in itself)  However, the room for improvement is vast.

So to make major progress this year, I would truly love to meet with a local Non-Violent Communication (NVC) practice group regularly.  I first had this desire last June and was saddened to realized the closest regularly meeting practice group was in Chapel Hill, NC, a good 2.5 hrs away.  So, I contacted the leader of, Catherine Cadden, author of Peaceable Revolution Through Education, and asked for her help.

The great news…  da…da… daaaa….

She’s coming to speak here in Charlotte on Friday, Jan. 15th, 2010 at our studio!  The event is free to the public and will showcase videos of her work.  It’s only 2 hrs long and the talk begins at 7pm, doors open at 6:30pm.  Please pre-register by emailing me  at so we can ensure you have a place to sit! 🙂

On Saturday, those who feel called to learn more will be invited to our home for a vegetarian potluck and full day workshop.  This workshop will teach us in depth practices for changing the way we communicate our needs and desires to others, increasing our chances for peace and ease in our relationships.

My hope is that by bringing ZeNVC here, that several people in attendance will be inspired to form a regularly meeting practice group in Charlotte.

As of today, this is just 14 days away, so I plan to blog about NVC for the next 14 days to give it a little hype and help people understand what it is… so they can see if they want to come.

I’m excited and hopeful about this event and my resolution.

RESOLUTION TIP: check out as a way to keep track and receive support with your life goals.  I love how this site focuses on the positive and helps you align with your goal vibrationally.  Very nice! 🙂

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BLISSfix LOVES the Oregon Country Fair

Oregon County FairAnd we’ll be there in 2010!!! 🙂  Sean and I were so sad to realize we missed this event by 1 week as it is so down our alley!  The book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz has this to say about it:

“The Oregon Country Fair… gained it’s reputation as a cross between Woodstock, a circus, a love-in, and a New Age pilgrimage site… when 40,000 like-minded artist and freethinkers from around the world gather to celebrate, listen to music and get happy.”

On top of that… this event is completely alcohol and drug free.  The point is to come together for three days in the wilderness of Oregon, enjoy tasty, health food and positive entertainment on one of the 14 stages and to be with people who all have the same goal in mind… having an authentically good time! 🙂

And the price is right, too!  The entrance fees are around $50 for a three day pass.  This is 1/3 of what I’ve paid for weekend festivals in the past and this one seems much cooler!  It’s always the 2nd weekend in July.  July 9, 10, & 11, 2010  – LET’S DO IT! 🙂

To learn more go to:

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BLISSfix Loves Agape Revelations!

agape Each year the Agape Spiritual Center of Culver City, CA decends upon a city somewhere in the USA and transforms it for a weekend.  I was most delighted to attend the Revelations Conference this year as it was held on the east coast in Atlanta, GA.  Just a short 4 hr drive from my home.  And once again, entering the energy of Agape was like coming home.  As the first song was sung, and Rev. Michael Beckwith walked down the aisle toward the stage, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I began what Oprah calls “the ugly cry.”  I wept for the joy of being there again, and I wept for the realization of how much I’ve missed it.  Just one year ago, being in this energy was an every other day occasion, and since my return to Charlotte last Augsut, nothing has been the same.  My local spiritual center has undergone months of painful transformation, our business underwent months of painful transformation and therefor I too experienced months of painful transformation.  And here I was, still breathing… back at Agape, only 4 hours from home.  It was a beautiful and grateful moment.

I’m so thankful to my Aunt Jo Anne who brought my mom and myself here.  I had introduced each of them to Agape on different trips to LA and each felt the same connection I had experienced.  There is something truly special about what is being created by the leaders and members of Agape.  The most overwhelming emotion is one of open acceptance.  Anyone of any faith, of any background, of any race, of any upbringing, of any political leaning, of any age, of any monetary standing, of any thing… is welcome, without judgment.

Revelations offers many gifts beyond the feeling of total acceptance.  There are special events and classes for the kids.  There is a marketplace of vendors selling beautiful, spiritually oriented products.  There are healing practitioners of every sort there to offer anything from 20 min – 2 hrs of reflexology, reiki, massage therapy, accupuncture, etc.   There are spiritual services, speakers, and musical performances with choreographed dancers.  And on the last night, every Revelation has a giant ballroom dinner and dancing for everyone in attendance.

Although it is obviously free to attend church services in LA, transporting this size of a production to another city doesn’t come cheap and therefor neither are the tickets.  Early bird specials keep the price just below $500/person, and if you put it off, that price jumps up $100 or more.  To learn about the next Agape Revelations go to the church’s website at and scroll to the bottom and click on Revelations Conference.

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