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BLISSfix recommends Heartbeat:Internet Radio with a Pulse

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If ever there was a predictable BLISSfix… it is this radio show with my friend, Julie Cusmariu.  More and more I realize that inspired action supported by Source Energy has an attractive power unto itself.  I hear about authors whose books basically published themselves, or beautiful creations that appeared to people in their dreams and they spent years to create what was whole in their sleepful state.  And I feel that that very magic of the Spirit is happening here, as Julie entered this project, a labor of love, as she has entered many other projects, yet this one has taken flight in an entirely new way.  It now seems to have it’s own wings, as I watch Julie hang on and enjoy the ride.

I was impressed when she had Sonia Choquette on her show, but as she’s continued to have amazing individuals, both famous and soon-to-be-famous, I realized that something truly special was developing here.

Picture 5Last night I enjoyed listening to her interview with Byron Katie, author of “Loving What Is,” “A Thousand Names for Joy” and more.  Byron Katie is also the creator of a process called The Work which can be found at

Picture 6After enjoying that interview, I felt drawn to listen to the next one with Gangaji.  I had never heard of Gangaji before, but I could sense from Julie’s email about her that this was someone special.  I was correct… Her gentle voice and peaceful nature reminded me of the demeanor of Eckhart Tolle and I felt like in listening to hear, I understood Tolle’s message from a new direction.  (not that they are at all related… it’s just the connection that came to my mind).  I highly recommend this recording as well, but be forewarned, there are 4 min of silence in between the start of the recording and when the interview actually starts, so remain patient and enjoy!

In both interviews, I love how Julie’s questions come from her own authentic search and are related to current events.  This makes the interview more interesting and vital than any book by the show guest, as their response is fresh, direct and applicable to the issues of today.

Kudos Julie on your creation and thank you so much for lifting the world with your offering of BLISS!

To learn more about Julie and her other offerings of bliss, check out her website.

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