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Love this!!! – Designing for Generosity talk

I’m really enjoying this video and the website.  If you haven’t already discovered, I encourage you to visit it immediately and consider it as a primary source for quality, inspiring entertainment!  A great way to pass intervals of 20 min!

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BLISSfix recommends Yoga Today

Strangely enough, I haven’t had any clear-cut ‘Wins’ to blog about with my recent challenge.  I’ve been busy and it has been difficult to take the time to breathe, check in, listen for an answer and then take a new direction.  However, I can report this semi-related win.

Today I checked in, realized that my body wanted some stretching.  To warm up I took RiRa, my fluffy white pooch, for a walk.  Then I came back and danced to some Dance Central on Xbox Kinnect, and then I did a heart opening yoga exercise from the Yoga Today podcast.  (search for it in iTunes).

Yoga Today ( is an awesome website.  Each week they offer a free full length class to watch where ever your computer and internet are available.  You can also browse their blog for shorter classes and quick yoga tips.  Most of the classes are performed in nature in beautiful spaces like Jackson Hole, Wy with the Grand Tetons in the background or in Sedona, AZ surrounded by red rocks.  One episode I saw had elk grazing in the background!  Too cool!  It’s wonderful that they offer so much for free, but they also have a very reasonable price on their year-round membership and downloads.  For less than a 1/3 of attending a class in person, you can download a video to keep.  And for less than a month’s membership at a local studio, you can watch as much as you want for a year.  I highly recommend checking this out and if you fall in love with it, you can show them a supportive thank you by signing up and becoming a yoga god or goddess!

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BLISSfix – Fascinating Story

A friend just shared this video with me about an unassuming fabulous photographer, whose greatness was only discovered when a 26-yr-old hopeful-author bought a box of her negatives at an auction following her death.

I’m not sure what intrigues me more, that she was so gifted and yet so private or the fortunate turn of events that fell upon this young man who found her work.  Both have been themes I’ve been exploring lately.  The first theme, ‘creation for the sake of creation… not for reward or recognition, but for the pure joy of doing something one loves to do.’  The second, ‘how following one inspired path, in this case the young man was writing a book in his spare time about his neighborhood in Chicago, can take you in a completely unexpected and exciting direction.’   By purchasing the photos, he is potentially sitting on a goldmine and admits to being surprised by his new hobby turned profitable business.  I am reminded of some things my chiropractor, Dr. Matt Lyon said to me… one, “imagine that you embody and ocean of trust” and once upon describing the Hindu God Ganesh’s message, “get out of the way” as he represents success and removing of obstacles.  I’ve been reflecting on the perplexing chain of events that have colored my ‘adult’ life.  I’m very happy with the life I lead, but am somewhat troubled by my own accomplishments or lack there of.  What does a life well-lived add up to?  What more could I be doing?  What really makes me happy?  Shouldn’t I be showing up in the world to contribute in a significant way?  These are some of the questions that drift through my brain.  But in watching this video and reflecting on Dr. Lyon’s words, I am comforted by the thought that although I may feel listless and purposeless at the moment, perhaps something exciting and entirely new is awaiting me right around the corner.  Perhaps, those ‘left turns at Albequerque’ were perfectly aligned with a greater discovery still hidden from my awareness.  If I can summon the ocean of trust and get out of my own way then perhaps my wishes and desires will be met even better than I could have attempted to meet them myself with a strategic course of action.

So I’m curious, anyone have any success stories of trusting in the laws of the universe and getting out of the way and having surprising and exciting success?  I’d love to hear it.  Please comment below!

side note: I’ve noticed that my writing style tends to change with what I’ve been listening, reading or watching.  After weeks of doing nothing more than watching episodes of Parks & Rec, 30 Rock and True Blood, my entries struggle to string two sentences together.  And today after listening to an audiobook for 7 hours while doing things around the house, words spill out of me with little effort.  They even seem melodic.  Any guesses as to what book I’m reading? I doubt it’s that obvious, so I’ll give you a hint… it’s the first of a series of books that I noticed 100s of people in airports reading over the summer.

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BLISSfix – Movie Trailer: Visions of a Universal Humanity

Yesterday I heard about a new movie coming out called Visions of a Universal Humanity that looks upbeat.  This came as great relief after reading about the odd mass death of birds and fish world wide in the last two weeks.  I was really wanting to hear some messages about humanity being resilient and rising to the occasion to make a better world instead of succumbing to the temptation to consider 2012 prophesy and ‘end of days’ ideas.

I’ve always liked Abraham-Hicks message on the 2012 topic. They basically say the world could never end because we are creative beings and in seeing things we don’t like, so many of us would so dramatically call forth change for the better and that call would be answered and instantly transform the scenario. In one recording I listened to they said something to the effect of the reason we create situations like Y2K or 2012 is because we enjoy the pressure of a date to come up against to inspire faster, more drastic change in the direction of our desires… the proverbial rock bottom. It is a curious thought that I find worth consideration. Here’s one related video:

What do you think? Did the fish & bird deaths freak you out? What brings you hope?

bonus video: (i really love the feel of the video footage, as well as the music and message)

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BLISSfix LOVES Lynn Twist

A year and a half ago, I wrote about Lynn Twist’s book The Soul of Money after picking it up for the very first time. Tonight after many re-reads, I am listening to the abridged audiobook version. I enjoyed her meditation in the final 30 minutes of the recording that focuses on Great Fullness (gratefulness).

At this moment I’m finding myself in an internal tug of war that pulls between the idea of the world I want to live in, and the world as I see it now. I would like to live in a world where energy healing is the primary solution to any physical ailment, yet in the world I see around me my good friend who has been a Reiki Master for 15 years is suffering from diabetes and loosing parts of his body. I want to live in a world of sustainable communal support and giving, but after hosting two people and two kids in my home for two months, I question whether that is possible on any scale. I want to live in a world of harmony with plants, animals and people, but watch any nature show and it is clear that we do live in a panther eat gazelle world. It does seem in this world of duality, for harmony to exist, its opposite, discord, must exist, as well.

I have danced between the feelings of “not enough” and “more than enough” a lot the last few months. Almost enough to question whether or not I’m suffering from a personality disorder. At times it felt so good to share our space and our abundance with our house guests, and at times I felt burdened, frustrated and scared. I was being challenged to live my ideals and something about it was challenging the core of everything I believe.

To end this battle, I remember I have been taught in the law of attraction, that life is not about finding one right way of living for everyone to conform to, but about deciding my own preferences and moving toward what I want and away from what I don’t want. I want harmony, sufficiency, sustainability, great fullness, wellness, ease, grace, hope, peace. Perhaps that’s not what others have chosen, but I want the best of the best experiences on this planet. I realize I draw them to me through recognizing they are already here… and while at this moment that feels challenging, something about Lynn Twist’s audiobook helped me feel peace on the subject. That perhaps the zero point field lies in sufficiency and enoughness… that perfect balance between the two poles I have been dancing between. Tonight I will rest there.

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Great Video from Juicy Living with Lilou Mace

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Poem Video called How To Be Alone

There is something divinely delicious about this poem and video… enjoy!

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BLISSfix loves this video – Quick & Cute!

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BLISSfix loves “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

5113EKMQHKL._SS500_Yesterday, as Sean and I took in some of the most beautiful scenery on highway 40 winding through Colorado, we listened to the Unabridged Audiobook of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, read by Peter Coyote.  As usual the words were exactly what I was wanting and needing to hear.  I had been entreating God/the Universe to help me recommit to all that I had learned and resonated with in the book “NonViolent Communication” by Marshal Rosenburg and here came this book completely in alignment with all the NVC teachings.  The book contains wisdom from biblical references as well as ancient Toltec (Native American) traditions.  Below I state the agreements I have made with myself based on the four in the book.

Agreement 1. Be Impeccable with My Word. I commit to speak with integrity, being careful to use my word only for the upliftment of myself and others through truth and love.

Agreement 2.  Be Immune to the Opinions and Actions of Others. (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I choose to speak in positives) I acknowledge that the words and actions of others are from their perception of reality and have nothing to do with me as an individual.  I allow them their opinion and process and compassionately related to their human needs.  I powerfully select what I choose to believe for myself even when others are expressing beliefs I would prefer to release.  I am in control of what I choose to believe.

Agreement 3.  Ask Compassionate Questions and Compassionately Speak my Truth. (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I choose to speak in positives) I honor my intuition and at the same time I seek total understanding of others needs through asking compassionate questions.  I honor myself by asking myself compassionate questions about my true feelings, needs and desires.  Once I am clear on my needs and wants, I confidently, consciously and compassionately express my truth and make requests to get my needs met.

Agreement 4.  I always do my Best! (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I wanted to claim it for myself) My best is different in any given moment… for instance, my best when I’m just coming off a spiritual retreat compared to my best after a long day of challenging work will be different.  I accept myself at all times and at all stages and simply commit to doing my best at any given moment.  If I catch myself ‘shaming’ myself for not being better, I will stop, and simply remind myself that under the circumstances, that was my best, and in this consciousness, I have the ability to change now and start anew.  I embrace myself reminding myself that it is ok to make mistakes and it is joyful to consciously overcome them.

I’m so grateful for having found this book.  I bought it many years ago and accidentally listened to a brief excerpt while working out the other morning.  I knew immediately that it resonated now more than ever before and the timing of rediscovering it was perfect.   Enjoy the following links and a video that contains images similar to the ones we witnessed yesterday while driving and words from the book.

Sites related to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:

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BLISSfix Recommends this Video on PLAY

  Guess what!?!!  Play is good for you!  Follow your bliss, it’ll may save your life! 🙂  Also, check out Stuart Brown’s website: The National Institute for Play.

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