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BLISSfix loves this video – Quick & Cute!


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BLISSfix loves “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

5113EKMQHKL._SS500_Yesterday, as Sean and I took in some of the most beautiful scenery on highway 40 winding through Colorado, we listened to the Unabridged Audiobook of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, read by Peter Coyote.  As usual the words were exactly what I was wanting and needing to hear.  I had been entreating God/the Universe to help me recommit to all that I had learned and resonated with in the book “NonViolent Communication” by Marshal Rosenburg and here came this book completely in alignment with all the NVC teachings.  The book contains wisdom from biblical references as well as ancient Toltec (Native American) traditions.  Below I state the agreements I have made with myself based on the four in the book.

Agreement 1. Be Impeccable with My Word. I commit to speak with integrity, being careful to use my word only for the upliftment of myself and others through truth and love.

Agreement 2.  Be Immune to the Opinions and Actions of Others. (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I choose to speak in positives) I acknowledge that the words and actions of others are from their perception of reality and have nothing to do with me as an individual.  I allow them their opinion and process and compassionately related to their human needs.  I powerfully select what I choose to believe for myself even when others are expressing beliefs I would prefer to release.  I am in control of what I choose to believe.

Agreement 3.  Ask Compassionate Questions and Compassionately Speak my Truth. (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I choose to speak in positives) I honor my intuition and at the same time I seek total understanding of others needs through asking compassionate questions.  I honor myself by asking myself compassionate questions about my true feelings, needs and desires.  Once I am clear on my needs and wants, I confidently, consciously and compassionately express my truth and make requests to get my needs met.

Agreement 4.  I always do my Best! (This one I have altered slightly from the version of the book because I wanted to claim it for myself) My best is different in any given moment… for instance, my best when I’m just coming off a spiritual retreat compared to my best after a long day of challenging work will be different.  I accept myself at all times and at all stages and simply commit to doing my best at any given moment.  If I catch myself ‘shaming’ myself for not being better, I will stop, and simply remind myself that under the circumstances, that was my best, and in this consciousness, I have the ability to change now and start anew.  I embrace myself reminding myself that it is ok to make mistakes and it is joyful to consciously overcome them.

I’m so grateful for having found this book.  I bought it many years ago and accidentally listened to a brief excerpt while working out the other morning.  I knew immediately that it resonated now more than ever before and the timing of rediscovering it was perfect.   Enjoy the following links and a video that contains images similar to the ones we witnessed yesterday while driving and words from the book.

Sites related to The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:

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BLISSfix Recommends this Video on PLAY

  Guess what!?!!  Play is good for you!  Follow your bliss, it’ll may save your life! 🙂  Also, check out Stuart Brown’s website: The National Institute for Play.

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BLISSfix recommends

Beautiful contribution from  Thank you!

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BLISSfix Recommends the “Wisdom Book” site video site video

Take 10 minutes to enjoy this video.  I know you’ll want 50 people you know to experience it as well.  Two thumbs up and a round of applause to Andrew Zuckerman for achieving this beautiful masterpiece!

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BLISSfix fun – The Muppet Show Intro

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Positive Psychology

This sums up why I became a life coach. If positive psychology had been a major at UNC-CH when I was there, that would have been my major instead of graphic design. I’m so happy to see the field finally addressing the needs of the well-adjusted population in our society, allowing them to reach for and achieve more fulfillment in life.

I’d also like to honor for their efforts to provide conscious media to the public through a speaking forum in Monterey, Ca.  The people who speak at TED tend to me on average, very educated, interesting and conscious.  I highly recommend spending time there!

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