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Love this!!! – Designing for Generosity talk

I’m really enjoying this video and the website.  If you haven’t already discovered, I encourage you to visit it immediately and consider it as a primary source for quality, inspiring entertainment!  A great way to pass intervals of 20 min!

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Before writing your “To Do List”, consider a “To Be List”

It never ceases to amaze me the variety of high quality self-help offerings available on the internet in increasing number.  It seems like I think of an idea, and one google search later I discover 5 other people have already had this idea and are capitalizing on it… or shall I say, offering their magnificence to the world.  I’m so touched by the people who have found a way to make a living by inspiring folks for free online and then producing a book from the results that I’m sure retails at $15 or less.  This is how we change the world, one blog at a time, while keeping our own necks swimmingly above water. is a great example of this.  During a recent coaching session, my client mentioned something her professor said to her.  He said something to the effect of, “My life became a lot easier once I got clear on my values and created a list of how I wanted to BE in the world.”  We both contemplated the potential power of a “To Be List”… after the call, I searched the web and found Lauren & James and their website, blog and book Your To Be List.  One of the things I like most about this website is the thought and effort put into creating motivational pieces with video, found in the About YTBL section of the website.  Just from watching the two videos I get an good idea of what they are suggesting and can move forward inspired and ready to make a significant shift in my life.

So far my To Be List has take two forms… a 12 Commandments type theme of non-negotiables and ideals I still haven’t achieved but know I will in time… and then a looser, cleaner form focused on feelings and needs… connecting with the present moment, recognizing what feelings and needs are alive and what desires I have from there… and then asking the question, “who do I need to BE right now to achieve my desired outcome?” similar to what is described on YTBL website.

I’m finding with my 12-Commandments-style list that there is a tricky balance between wanting to rise to the occasion and being discouraged, because I have so far to go until I live up to my high standards.  They sometimes feel like ‘shoulds’ instead of personal choices.  Maybe I should refer to them as the 12 suggestions, and that would lessen my resistance?  I’m not sure… but it does feel good to write down a list of who I would BE if I were perfect and could change direction on a dime.

Do you have a To Be List?  Share it here to inspire others! 🙂

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BLISSfix loves

Check out the new wordle I just made at  This is a wordle of my intention for how I want to live my life.  You can copy and paste or write any text and have create you a beautiful synopsis of the essence of what was written, removing all the common words and making the remaing words larger or smaller based on the frequency of their use.  You can also enter a website or blog and it will generate a wordle of that.  I entered and I was surprised to see how many times I used the word “brown.”  Didn’t know I was such a big fan of brown. 🙂 offers about 20 fonts to choose from, and a variety of options for direction of words, layout, upper or lowercase, color and variation levels.  So go ahead, Wordle something for fun and post a link to your results in the comments!


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Thank you for

I am loving the tons of fun blogs I’m finding and I’m celebrating how they’ve created fun books from their blogs!  Here is one of them… check out… a very clever blog where the author writes a (often funny) thank you note each day.  They are often entertaining and while they are sometimes sarcastic, I am reminded how many things I have to be thankful and it inspires me to write more thank you notes… which leads me to tomorrow’s blissfix entry.

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The Happiness Project

I haven’t read the book, but the website is awesome and full of BLISSSfix remedies!

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BLISSfix recommends Yoga Today

Strangely enough, I haven’t had any clear-cut ‘Wins’ to blog about with my recent challenge.  I’ve been busy and it has been difficult to take the time to breathe, check in, listen for an answer and then take a new direction.  However, I can report this semi-related win.

Today I checked in, realized that my body wanted some stretching.  To warm up I took RiRa, my fluffy white pooch, for a walk.  Then I came back and danced to some Dance Central on Xbox Kinnect, and then I did a heart opening yoga exercise from the Yoga Today podcast.  (search for it in iTunes).

Yoga Today ( is an awesome website.  Each week they offer a free full length class to watch where ever your computer and internet are available.  You can also browse their blog for shorter classes and quick yoga tips.  Most of the classes are performed in nature in beautiful spaces like Jackson Hole, Wy with the Grand Tetons in the background or in Sedona, AZ surrounded by red rocks.  One episode I saw had elk grazing in the background!  Too cool!  It’s wonderful that they offer so much for free, but they also have a very reasonable price on their year-round membership and downloads.  For less than a 1/3 of attending a class in person, you can download a video to keep.  And for less than a month’s membership at a local studio, you can watch as much as you want for a year.  I highly recommend checking this out and if you fall in love with it, you can show them a supportive thank you by signing up and becoming a yoga god or goddess!

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GOOP.comTonight, while snooping around on the internet for some ‘cleanse friendly’ recipes, I discovered GOOP!  It’s an internet newsletter published by Gwyneth Paltrow, someone who has also experienced the cleanse I just started.  (More on that later, once I get to the BLISS part of it).

I’d love to write more about this, but tonight the words just aren’t flowing.  Please just snoop around GOOP for yourself… there’s something delightful for everyone.  Thank you, Gwyneth!

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