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BLISSfix Loves Agape Revelations!

agape Each year the Agape Spiritual Center of Culver City, CA decends upon a city somewhere in the USA and transforms it for a weekend.  I was most delighted to attend the Revelations Conference this year as it was held on the east coast in Atlanta, GA.  Just a short 4 hr drive from my home.  And once again, entering the energy of Agape was like coming home.  As the first song was sung, and Rev. Michael Beckwith walked down the aisle toward the stage, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I began what Oprah calls “the ugly cry.”  I wept for the joy of being there again, and I wept for the realization of how much I’ve missed it.  Just one year ago, being in this energy was an every other day occasion, and since my return to Charlotte last Augsut, nothing has been the same.  My local spiritual center has undergone months of painful transformation, our business underwent months of painful transformation and therefor I too experienced months of painful transformation.  And here I was, still breathing… back at Agape, only 4 hours from home.  It was a beautiful and grateful moment.

I’m so thankful to my Aunt Jo Anne who brought my mom and myself here.  I had introduced each of them to Agape on different trips to LA and each felt the same connection I had experienced.  There is something truly special about what is being created by the leaders and members of Agape.  The most overwhelming emotion is one of open acceptance.  Anyone of any faith, of any background, of any race, of any upbringing, of any political leaning, of any age, of any monetary standing, of any thing… is welcome, without judgment.

Revelations offers many gifts beyond the feeling of total acceptance.  There are special events and classes for the kids.  There is a marketplace of vendors selling beautiful, spiritually oriented products.  There are healing practitioners of every sort there to offer anything from 20 min – 2 hrs of reflexology, reiki, massage therapy, accupuncture, etc.   There are spiritual services, speakers, and musical performances with choreographed dancers.  And on the last night, every Revelation has a giant ballroom dinner and dancing for everyone in attendance.

Although it is obviously free to attend church services in LA, transporting this size of a production to another city doesn’t come cheap and therefor neither are the tickets.  Early bird specials keep the price just below $500/person, and if you put it off, that price jumps up $100 or more.  To learn about the next Agape Revelations go to the church’s website at and scroll to the bottom and click on Revelations Conference.

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day 63 – Thank You Agape! (June 15, 2008)

Thank you to all the people who MADE this experience for me.

Miriam and her Folding while Unfolding angels.  You guys were my first experience of serving at Agape and you were a joy to be around every time.  Thank you as well for being so patient with my curiosity about Agape and for all your amazing stories about how you’d found and in some cases, helped create, this amazing spiritual center.   Miriam, your kindness, calmness, groundedness, beauty and humor inspire and elevate me.  I looked forward to our every encounter and couldn’t be more grateful for your support through prayer and knowing my wellness, as well as your creative gifts of quotes and cards.  I celebrate your unexpected acting career that I wish was showcased on YouTube so I could link to it here!   Thank you for everything and I send you all blessings!

Angel – thank you for your enthusiasm around volunteering and your enthusiasm around my ideas for Agape. I’m still holding a space for their perfect unfoldment at the right time.  I truly enjoyed your smiling face and they way you made me feel a part of the greater Agape family every time we spoke.

RayFred I loved spotting your face at Agape and knowing you were the go-to fix-it person on site.  Your hugs are divine and I’ll never forget your story about the dolphins hanging out with you as  you peacefully kayaked in the ocean.  Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge on the development of Agape and your contribution toward one day having an Agape East Coast!  You are a very talented man and I’m so glad we met!

Pamela You were my first buddy in LA!  Thank you for your friendship and I sincerely wish we’d gotten watch some of our favorite movies together.  I’ve seriously been kicking myself for not thinking of you when Sex in the City was released.  I still haven’t seen it, but I know with our similar taste we both would have loved it.  I send you so many blessings for all the service you bring to Agape to bless you richly in love, prosperity, health and a deep sense of fulfillment!

Sonia – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I had so much fun talking to you the first time we met and I couldn’t have been more grateful when you offered to get me into your dance classes for free at my local YMCA.  I loved the class and truly regret that our schedules only matched up once.  Thank you so much for your light, your smile, your laughter, your kindness and you love.  You light up the world and I’m so grateful for you!

David, who was the first person to reach out to me asking for assistance in two different ministries… they ended up being my only service involvement and I’m so grateful he provided the doorway in.  Your hugs are perfect and I’m grateful for the tutelage before embarking on my “Free Hug” mission.

Ella – Thank you so much for all the hugs on my last Friday at Folding while Unfolding.  I received more hugs from you in five minutes than I did from an entire congregation of people while holding my Free Hug sign.  I applaud your confidence and awareness of your natural magnificence at such a young age.  It is the truth and I encourage you to embrace that self-love and self-awareness for the rest of your life.  It will serve you well!

Joshua Thank you for our many long talks, for your encouragement and for your validation.  You may think that it was the advice you gave that empowered me the most, but truth be told, it was your positive reaction to the thoughts I offered in response to things you were working on that lifted my spirits and reminded me that I am pretty good at this “coaching thing.”  I so enjoyed the time we spent together and am so grateful for each moment… starting with the first night and our mutual Agape High!  You have marked my experience of this trip more than anyone and I send you so much love and gratitude.

Traci, your words of similar experience marked a huge turning point in this trip, showing me new things to pay attention to in order to achieve what I came her to achieve.  God was talking directly to me through you that night and I’m so grateful we met!  Thank you for your inspiration and your comfort!

Maesyn, your music is simply a-maesyn!  Everyone go check her out online at

Tim, the assistant music director… we never met formally, but you were always there with a kind smile and a “hello.”  I just want to say that I love watching you perform… you get so into the music and the words that I feel it with you!  Our community is blessed to have you and your enthusiasm and I’m so grateful.

Ricky Byers-Beckwith, we will meet one day, I’m sure of it.  I was disappointed to never get to tell you that I currently live in Charlotte, NC, your home town and that I truly love what you and your husband have co-created.  I honor your beauty, your love, your humility, and your bravery.  I don’t know why that word comes up, but it does… you seem very brave.  I love your music and i love you!  Peace and many blessings to you!

And last but not least!  Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith… Thank you for everything.  Thank you for creating something worth setting my ‘life’ on hold for and traveling 3000 miles simply to be in energy of Agape.  I choose to follow your example and place one foot in front of the other until I have a community as full, and vibrant and rich and fertile as yours.  I was lucky enough to hug you after church one Sunday, and I was hesitant to even wait in line to speak with you, knowing you’re constantly bombarded with people… but I thought of the quote, “it’s not the things I did that I regret, but the things I didn’t do” and I wandered your direction.  We hugged, I said “Thank you”,  you touched my face, you said the word “beautiful” and walked away.  I found myself wishing that I could have told you more, explained with enthusiasm how much I love you, your wife and all that you’ve both created… how far I’ve traveled and how excited I am to be a part of this movement, visioning to bring it back to the east coast in a major way.  But instead I simply felt the truth of the statement you are constantly bombarded, I felt your power, and I felt my energy take (receive) from you, instead of give… and that simply broke my heart.  However, a few weeks later I made a “Free Hug” sign and stood outside Agape giving hugs to everyone and I realized that when you’re in high vibration, as you’ve said many times, low vibrations cannot touch you… and there wasn’t a single person I touched, sad or happy that took anything from me… and I knew then, that my concerns about that hug were silly and unnecessary.  Regardless, my message to you is THANK YOU for everything… this has been an amazing two months and it has been extremely hard for me to leave… but I leave with a knowing that I will return and an awareness that this story is only just beginning.  I honor the light that you are and I see true self through your vision.  Peace and Blessings to you!

And thank you to countless others, many of you I never knew your names, you were just a kind face I said hello to regularly… you were the person sitting next to me, behind me, to my front… you were the choir member giving it your all, you were the amazing baby with deep eyes that cut to the soul, you were the belly dancing signer and the practitioners leading mediation, you were the announcers inciting laughter and you were the ushers passing out tissues and the parking angels, you were the guest speakers and surprise appearances, you were the talented guest performers, you were volunteers.  You were all there and you are all here with me in my heart.  I have said many times, that I can take Michael Beckwith home with me through online membership, life visioning and other recordings… but I can’t take this vibrant community with me.  You have set the bar unbelievably high and I know that somehow God will work through me to show me a way to meet this new elevated expectation of what a spiritual community is.  But I love you all and I’m so grateful for the ways in which you are opening, flowering, and growing, and I look forward to expanding with you in spirit.  Thank you.  Peace and blessings, as well!.

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day 53 – Spontaneity (June 5, 2008)

day53Last night Rev. Michael spoke about allowing surprises into your day.  This morning I woke and asked myself what I’d like to feel at the end of the day.  Grateful, alive, and pleased seemed to be the feeling tone I was desiring.  Mom is visiting still and I have been wanting to entertain her as well as fulfill my duties to Agape, Sean’s businesses and my own personal development.  So I made a list of things I’d like to get done, keeping it to a reasonable five things.  I checked with her, letting her know I needed to leave the house for internet… and making sure she’d be able to entertain herself while I was productive.  She assured me that she would be fine and as I contemplated the day, I thought… is this really the day that I want?  I looked at my list again and realized that all but one thing could be accomplished next week, and that one thing could be set up and left running in the back seat of the car while I drove her to see the mountains she’d been curious about.  (enter tire-squalling, U-turn noise here)

So I re-routed, changed directions, saw the light, and embraced the day… and we quickly packed up and hopped in the car.  As we rode toward the Santa Monica Mountains and then passing them into Malibu, I didn’t know how far we should go or what we ‘d do on the return.  I decided to flow with it.  Eventually we pulled over to assess where we were and I noticed we weren’t far from my favorite city on the west coast, Santa Barbara.

“would you like to go?” I asked her.

“Peggy always said it was the prettiest place she’d ever been,” she responded.

And off we went.  We had nothing else to do. (such a great feeling)  So in less than an hour we were dining in a historic diner across from the ocean in Santa Barbara and enjoying the moments.  There beautiful terra cotta roofs dotted the valley and memories surfaced from my trip with sean last year.  The drive up and back were absolutely beautiful… mountains plunging into deep blue ocean, creative architecture clinging to their sides.  I loved witnessing all the surfers and para sailors harnessing their inner child.  I see them as having mastered a level of fearlessness I have yet to pursue.

For now, it is a great success to have let go of the To Do List and lived spontaneously.   I allowed my heart to lead me toward the most joyful expression of the day, and gave my brain a day off.  Perhaps I’ll try to talk the old noodle into taking the rest of the weekend off, too.

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day 52 – Welcome to Agape (June 4, 2008)

I had forgotten that Mom would be participating in the beautiful “Welcome to Agape” ode and was excited to share it with her.

Welcome to Agape
We recognize you.
We know who you really are.
You are the image and likeness of God.
You are a unique way in which Love, Intelligence and Divine Beauty are happening on this planet.

And I thank God for you!
Welcome to Agape.

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day 49 – Life Visioning (June 1, 2008)

day49I highly recommend the Life Visioning 6-CD set from Michael Bernard Beckwith.

This was the topic of today’s sermon at Agape. In keeping with the perfect synchronicity of this magnificent universe, this was the perfect topic for me this week.

on top of all of this… i’m seeing that my “miss fix-it” attitude i’ve had all my life and taking pleasure from feeling helpful to people when helping with their problems, is actually feeding the awareness that there are problems… which is a choice… not a fact. It seems now that coaching in any form will only continue to seek out the problems in people’s lives instead of waking them up to their divine perfection just as they are. and that my future as a self help guru is shifting dramatically to only speak of the already alright-ness and the lack of need of any guru… including me. its a very curious shift… but i think a “living by example and responding only when asked” situation will be evolving.

*the comments above are the expressed opinion of Heather Dawn Busher and not intended to question the validity or helpfulness of coaching, therapy or healing of any form.

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day 38 – Divine Intervention (May 22, 2008)

Meet Maesyn… she’s amazing… or shall we say a-maesyn!   You can also find her at  Tonight she was the guest artist at Agape and she sang Monk and another wonderful song that I’m blanking on the name.  Listening to her sing and watching her dance is like watching another incarnation of myself… I felt so connected with her quirky, child-like approach to what so many artist take so seriously… and she was fabulous.  We all take ourselves way too seriously.

I have to thank Maesyn, too, because not only did she compliment me on my hat when we passed each other in the hallway earlier, but she also helped me meet Traci.  Traci sat next to me in church tonight, but we might have never bonded in the way we did if it hadn’t been for our obvious similarities, as we both popped up among a sea of seated people to dance our hinies off to the funky lyrics of Miss Maesyn.

Tonight’s service hit me square between the eyes and produced a river of tears.  A couple brought their infant on stage for a christening and I had never witnessed a ceremony like this Agape-style.  The things he said to the baby and to the parents were so beautiful that the words with in me welled up and screamed out, “I BELONG HERE!”   And the next immediate emotion was overwhelming sadness, because I currently don’t know how to be here and with my husband, my family and the rest of my life in NC.  And I began to sob… the kind of crying people do when a loved one dies… I sobbed and heaved like I was completely alone, only I was alone in a room of 900.  I eventually composed myself once the ceremony was over, enjoyed more music and a lovely sermon.  Then Michael Beckwith progressed into the crowd and asked the same couple to rise.  He then began renewing their marriage vows and has the husband placed his forehead on hers in total submission to the moment, my flood gates opened once more.  The overwhelming thought this time was much quieter… “we belong here.  we deserve this community of support.  we deserve this.”  And as I cried once more, Traci placed her hand on my back with a soft rub and I collected myself until the end of service.

Once it was over, Traci turned to me and said the obvious, “Are you okay?” while probably thinking “Do I need to call you a cab to the looney bin?!!!”  just kidding, I could sense she totally got where I was before I even opened my mouth to explain.

“I’m here from NC,” I told her, “for only a few months, and I feel like this is where I belong, but I’m happily married to a wonderful man who’s hopes and dreams are there.”  She comforted me and as we talked we somehow got on the topic of why I’m here… to which I explained, “I don’t really know, but I think its to become more grounded.”  I then explained how 4 different people who can read energy had read my energy and reported the same thing, I have no grounding chord and a very weak root chakra.  Traci then said something I didn’t expect… “Me, too!”

I’d never met anyone who 1) knew what the hell I was talking about… in fact most of the readers acted as if they’d never seen anything like my situation… and 2) had it too and had a great explanation for it.  She said she’d worked with a woman named Sandra Taylor in Beverly Hills to heal her DNA.  She said she used to be proud of the fact that she was spiritual connected and ‘above’ worldliness… but now she realizes that it isn’t healthy for her. (ditto)  She said this situation usually results from something that happened either while in the womb or in early childhood that makes us not want to be here.  She spoke of a process to permanently heal each strand of DNA, the mother’s and the father’s, taking old beliefs and experiences and flipping them into desired beliefs.  She said the processes can take up to 5 hrs, but that the results were worth it.

“Sounds expensive” I remarked.
“It can be.  I’ve only done one side and I’m saving to do my other side next,” she said.

Although I knew I wasn’t going to pay hundreds or thousands to receive this healing, I set out a conscious intention that I knew I was hearing this for a reason and I was going to allow this process to find me with grace and ease and at a price I can afford.  I searched for every variation of Sandra Taylor Beverly Hills Intuitive I could think of on google and didn’t find anything, so I’m just going to have to let this one go and allow it to come to me.

One other conversation with Traci that was great was the story of her name.  As I was entering her phone number she spelled her name T-R-A-C-E-Y and upon seeing it in my phone, she corrected herself and said, “Its Traci with an ‘i’, but you can leave it.”  She went on to explain that she had been wanting to legally change the spelling of her name from Tracey to Traci for quite a while, but didn’t for various reasons.  She really wanted to do this after discovering that Traci is the spelling used when referring to the Warrior Goddess of Love.  Then she was at a workshop one day and another girl named Tracey was there and she seemed really meek and self conscious.   Traci wanted to reach out the girl and empower her, so when she ran into her later she told her about the Goddess connection to the name.  The girl responded quickly, “Oh, I know.  That used to be the spelling of my name, but it was also an 11 in numerology and way too powerful for me, so I had it legally changed.”  Traci said at that moment, the last straw was drawn and she knew she needed to do it.  She called her mom to break the news… “mom, I’m changing the spelling of my name to Traci with an ‘i’.”  To which her mom shared that Traci had been the original spelling of her name, but her grandmother didn’t like it and crossed it out on the birth certificate and wrote Tracey in its place.  They went weeks later to get a new birth certificate without the scribble.
This story gave me chills… realizing that she knew on some core level her true birth name and felt drawn to it.  Just amazing.

After saying goodbye to Traci, I went to the artist corner to by Maesyn’s cd (excellent, by the way) and paid an extra $5 just to spread the love in a tribute to generosity and the abundance all around us.

I was exhausted and had planned on telling Joshua that I couldn’t hang out this Wednesday night like the last two… but as usual, the second we started talking, we couldn’t stop.  We ended up heading over to Swingers for mac n’ cheese, yummy burgers and fries and a yellow icing’d cupcake.  mmmmmm.
Now I am home, still buzzing from the amount of emotion, revelation, celebration, and analyzation done in just this one night.  It is overwhelming in the most delightful way.  And now I must rest.

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